Digital Image Online Tutorial Kit



The sheer volume of content spinning around the web in today’s world is staggering. The development of the digital camera led to the camera which resides in your pocket, in the form of an iPhone or other smart device, has changed the way we see and experience this planet. Which in turn has led to this moment: how do we even begin to manage the images that we create? In the days of analog, churning rolls of 36 exposures through mechanical cameras was the norm, amassing a huge catalog of photos took years, if not decades. Now, humans are responsible for uploading 5,000 images per second to apps like Instagram.

What happens when your mother calls and wants a photo of your son or daughter that you took somewhere around a year ago (she doesn’t remember exactly when and she doesn’t remember where), but she does remember that it was in a field of tulips. And the print that she wants you produce needs to be a bit warmer than the photo she remembers seeing. Could you find it? Could you adjust the colors to get her the look she is speaking of? If you were using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to manage your digital photos you could complete the whole task in a matter of minutes.

The concept behind our Digital Image Online Tutorial Kit is to give you, the photographer, a major head-start when it comes to purchasing the right computer hardware for image editing, setting up the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom image editing platform, and even organizing & processing your images within Lightroom. The included handbook is designed to work in conjunction with the online tutorial videos. We have taken into account that this is a training series, so the videos were recorded at the highest resolution possible. Even the included PDF is setup to be viewed natively in the 16:9 HD format. This allows you to watch and read any of the content easily in full-screen mode.

What’s Covered in this Course Kit:

★ A Guide to the Best Hardware for Utilizing Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
★ How-to Set Up Lightroom & What Preferences Do What
★ How-to Import and Maximize Speed & Efficiency While Doing So
★ How-to Organize & Catalog Your Images within the Library Module
★ How-to use the Develop Module to Process Image Fast & Beautifully
★ How-to Export Your Completed Work

What’s Included with Purchase:

★ Unlimited Private Access to Hours of Online Video Tutorials (links/passwords included in PDF)
★ A PDF Handbook that Works in Conjunction with the Video Tutorials
★ Returning Client Discounts to any upcoming photo adventure

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