Photography Adventures

We took you to Amazing.

And you probably missed it. It’s not that we are done traveling or done traveling with other photographers, we are just not planning those types of journeys any more. Our best clients and closest friends still receive personal invites on trips to places that Jay wants to go and photograph, but he’s not charging to travel to those locations, in fact, he is paying for himself to go. 

One thing Jay has learned over the years, is that nothing is forever and never isn’t always the case. We’re not saying we won’t ever take photographers on amazing adventures again, we’re just not doing it right now. 

Been There.

The Ultimate Alaska Photo Adventure.

Summer of 2021 we took a 5-day journey to Alaska with only 4 guests. Our goal was some of the greatest landscape and wildlife photography that Alaska has to offer. The only thing they were responsible for was their flights to and from Anchorage, Alaska. 


There are two types of photo workshops. The first is nothing more than a nice location with a nice hotel and good photo venues. The second has the great venues and a dedicated photo mentor that pushes the edge of your artistic and technical abilities. Jay Goodrich is a true professional photographer who will lead you to into areas you never imagined possible at your talent level. Jay’s workshop starts with a three-hour discussion on photo composition. He uses images from twenty years of experiences to describe the elements of an excellent photograph. Then he takes you to a location to practice these new lessons that you have learned. As a linear thinker I was led into seeing art in abandoned ranches and wildflowers. My goal was to forget about the Teton Mountain vistas and search for photographs that I had never noticed before. We were in a mountain meadow with hundreds of acres of wild flowers when Jay walked up to ask how I was doing. He looked at my images and gave me constructive feedback on how to use the elements discussed that morning to improve the shots. Then Jay said, “Now go back and find those flowers and do it again.” My humorous thought was “Jay, ya gota be kidd’in about finding that same bunch of flowers in this meadow (grin).” No matter, there were plenty of flowers to create artistic images. He is constantly available for individual mentoring and patiently answers your questions and encourages everyone in the workshop to perform better than there previous efforts. Jay Goodrich workshops are a bargain for the knowledge that he passes on to you no matter what the location you select.

Been There Too.

The Ultimate Patagonia Photo Adventure.

Our goal was to capture some of the greatest landscape and wildlife photography that Chile and Argentina have to offer. And we succeeded.


I’m just an average guy with kids in collage, a mortgage, a job that keeps me very busy and a great passion for photography, but I’m very selective in how I spend my time and money. My family always comes first, so it takes time for me to purchase a good camera, lenses, accessories and most certainly any educational Photography classes or trips. That being said, I’m always trying to learn, push myself in redefining how I regard and capture a subject in print. My photos are for my satisfaction only, I’m certainly not trying to become a professional, so why am I telling you this? I want fellow photographers to know about what an incredible learning experience and opportunity it is to learn from Jay. I’ve attended a dozen of his workshops now and can honestly say I’ve never taken better pictures or had a more enjoyable time: it was worth every penny! Jay doesn’t take you to the spot with 50 other shutterbugs, but selectively chooses spectacular areas with varying points of view and then helps you maximize your potential by pushing you to see past the obvious and look for a different, more singular composition than you would normally take. But it doesn’t end there. My fellow colleagues have been some of the most sincerely fascinating and talented photographers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I can honestly say, I have acquired a whole new skill-set with working with Jay and made some great friends in the bargain.