Photography Insight



Jay Goodrich has put together a collection of thoughts, concepts and philosophy about his photography insight. His goal is to inspire you to become a better photographer in the most simplistic of ways. This book includes almost thirty pages, each highlighting a singular goal. A series of bullet points further reinforces that highlighted goal. The process begins as simple as picking up your camera and heading into the field. From there Jay discusses what to look for to further refine your subject. Followed by concepts as sophisticated as following a specific path as your week begins on Monday. Insight will lure you into the philosophical side of creating a compelling composition.

Insight will then make you forget about rule based photography. This eBook is an inspiring way to look at your current approach to photography. You can use it as a unique motivational tool to help you take your photography to the next level.

If you feel your photography skill set needs more help than this guide offers. Then you should join us on a future photo adventure. There we will teach you how to design a photo rather than just simply clicking your shutter at everything your eyes encounter.

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