How-To Build a Compelling Photograph 1



Our How-To Build a Compelling Photograph series is designed to bring your photography skill set to a higher level one step at a time. It will provide you with a means to design your photos without following a common rule based scenario. You will learn to focus on subject and story rather than just clicking your shutter during the warm light at the fringes of the days.

We now live in a world driven by technology. In May of 2013, the shear volume of images getting pushed to social media was staggering. The online photography forum Petapixel cited a 60 second video from another online community BuzzFeed that highlighted the numbers of what is getting published online every 60 seconds. It is completely overwhelming to know that 27,800 images were being uploaded to Instagram every 60 seconds, Facebook will see 208,300 uploads in the same timeframe, giving them 9 billion uploads every month! Although these numbers are monstrous, they really have no bearing on the quality of that content. What do you think would happen if we decided to produce quality, compelling work that is better than the masses?

We have based the foundation of these books on the presentations that Jay gives during his photography workshops. This eBook includes 75 pages and more than 65 high quality images detailing and supporting each element, concept, or idea discussed.

In Part 1 of How-To Build a Compelling Photograph we are going to cover:

★ Transcending the Snapshot

★ Transcending the Focus

★ Transcending the Equipment

★ Provocative Photographs work regardless of professional intent

★ How Clarity Defines our Subject

★ Context contributes to the Meaning of a photograph

★ How to analyze light direction and the various qualities of light

★ Setting you up for artistically composing the photograph

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