Where in the World…Traveling

Well it is safe to say I have been residing on a skewed line to reality lately. On a travel binge. Shooting some of the best things in the world. Working hard. Traveling non-stop. Getting ready to throw hand grenade after hand grenade of announcements to the world. I haven’t been on this blog because I have been on another one. One you have never heard of, but still know very well. It is safe to say that come January there will be significant changes to my business. Significant changes to my brand. Culture. Life. Anything and everything possible. All for the good of course.

Last week I was in Colorado, teaching my ever growing and popular Colorado autumn workshop. This year we headed to Aspen, and I think future years will happen there as well. Even though the workshop was my mission, I never leave home without an alternate agenda. I fired off an email to a bike shop in Colorado, then one to a new sponsor my wife has, and before I knew it, I had more to do than there were hours in the day. And all of this started with me missing my flight on Monday morning due to traffic. Tuesday I had to drive from Eagle, where I was staying, back down to Denver to pick up my long time friend and supporter Brendan Quigley – because both he and I never looked at his itinerary to verify that we were coming in on the same days. Then I had to go to Aloha Bikes in Carbondale to pick up a loaner mountain bike. Then back to Eagle to shoot mountain biking in fall colors with my friend Brennen Fitzgerald.

Do you see where this whole post is headed? Probably building on Chaos Theory from last month, or whenever that last post was. Then off to Carbondale to shoot for Shredly, a female-only mountain bike clothing line created by Ashley Rankin. I photographed her and Sari Anderson in Gamble’s Oak not far from town. Then back to Eagle for one more night. Then back to Carbondale for workshop scouting, check-in to the Limelight Hotel in Aspen. Then back to Carbondale to shoot Sam Stevens from Aloha Mountain Cyclery on this crazy downhill trail right above town. Then floor the car back to Aspen to meet with participants, well only one, because all of the others got stuck in Denver because of the weather and decided to drive. My morning shoot was very peaceful and nice, but the weather that delayed everyone, also blew all of the leaves off of the trees. If I hadn’t lived there for twenty years this whole thing could have gone south in a heartbeat.

What did I learn, besides everything all over again? Niner Bikes RULE! Autumn in Colorado makes me sane and very happy again. Mountain biking rules. Photography rules. And I have a lot of work to do before some crazy announcements change everything. Hope you can join me for the ride along the way. Save your cash…Maybe.