Speed Freaking Photographing

I met and began photographing Owen not too long after I moved to Washington. He was the ski school instructor at Mount Baker Ski Area that my daughter Jade gravitated to on her first day of non-dad lessons. He was responsible for getting my well-opinionated daughter to listen and actually make turns while hauling ass over snow. I remember the first day we shot skiing photos together and I remember the first day he schooled me on the art of downhill mountain biking like it was this morning. I have seen him injure himself every season that I have known him. And if there is anyone out there that is a testament to the human’s ability to heal it is definitely Owen.

Yesterday, I had a couple of hours before having to pick my daughter up at school and was on my way out the door for a ride when Owen called. He had just been cleared to ride some mild trails and wanted to know if I wanted to shoot. I looked at the clock and hesitated, knowing how often I am late to pick Jade up. Okay let’s do it. There is a trail in Bellingham that I have come to love for its amazing trees, and you already know how much of a tree whore I am, so this was a no brainer with fall color beginning to set in around here.

By the time we actually found the parking area that I always ride my bike to, but never my truck, I realized we were screwed for time. Owen may have been cleared to throw a leg over a bike, but he couldn’t climb, and definitely couldn’t crash. That left me to ride his new Transition 29er into where we were going to take some shots. Just one more reason for me to be jealous. As I looked down at my phone when we started shooting I had 15 minutes to pull something from nothing. The song Ten Seconds to Love by Motley Crue came to mind as I fired off 371 frames. I almost made it look as if I knew what I was doing. It’s safe to say that Owen still knows how to ride. And, at least I am learning how to not be as late. Speeding always helps. As does the song Breakin the Law by Judas Priest. Allegedly.