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Workshop Tour Seminar vs Adventure

Why We are Using the Term Adventure

With the myriad of educational options available to today’s photographers, we feel that there is a great deal of confusion in regards to the definitions of workshop, tour and seminar. Here at Jay Goodrich Photographer Inc. we field quite a few questions regarding the course curricula at our workshops, and how it relates to other opportunities out there. With that in mind, we’d like to shine a light on what we perceive to be the key elements of each type of educational opportunity, and how we choose to address those differences in the photographic offerings we present each year.

We continually look to our clients to help guide us towards the best educational opportunity possible. If you have questions about what options are available on one of our trips, how we would approach helping you hone a specific photographic skill, or why we choose the locations we choose, please feel free to reach out to us in any way. We will always take time to answer your questions, and to help guide you to the option that best suits your needs. We also value your post-trip feedback, as it allows us to continue to improve your learning experience, and to continue to provide the best locations, lessons and environment for your photographic vision to grow and improve.

What is The Photography Workshop:

The photography workshop is a learning experience. It is designed to help you improve your personal vision and craft of photography. The photography workshop is less focused on the location (although we typically teach them out of amazing photographic destinations) and more focused on the learning experience – essentially how Jay creates a photograph from an initial observation. There is a dramatic difference between the mindset of taking a photograph and creating one. Our workshops teach with a focus on creativity. We do include technical help in regards to camera usage – ISO, Shutter Speeds, and aperture, but our main goal is to challenge you in regards to the composition. We want our participants to move beyond the snapshot and truly walk away with a group of images that they never thought possible. Our workshops do take participants out in the field, but there is a huge amount of information covered in a classroom environment. We attempt to keep the presentations light, engaging, and a departure from the standard “lecture”, which we feel will help you learn at a much higher level. Our workshops do not typically include transportation, lodging, meals, but do include access to an amazing photographic destination, do include classroom and field instruction, and do include participant image critiques. We do obtain permits for all of our workshop destinations and we do carry general liability insurance. Thus we are not a fly-by-night operation. Will you get an amazing sunrise or sunset situation on a workshop? Possibly. You will definitely come home with a wealth of knowledge that you probably never thought about in the past. Workshops are heavily based on the instruction concept and far less on where we are headed.

To Summarize a Photography Workshop:

  • An intensive instructional experience with as much one-on-one time as allowed for the group size (12 or few participants)
  • Typically a 3-day regional weekend event
  • More time is spent in the classroom learning
  • Field time is included typically in a unique North American destination
  • The goal is to train the concepts that you learn in the class out in the field during optimal lighting conditions (when possible)
  • Sunrises and sunsets are included as part of these learning experiences but not guarenteed
  • Transportation, lodging, and meals are not typically included (each workshop experience varies)
  • Photographic equipment is almost never provided-you need to come with your own

What is The Photography Tour:

The photography tour experience is more about the destination. The itinerary can be entirely fixed by an outside tour provider or it can be completely open depending on our destination locations. The goal of the photography tour is get our clients in the best photographic locations, during the best photographic light, during the best photographic times. Photographic tours can happen anywhere in the world, including North America, but we typically make them part of an extended trip to an international destination. Do our tours include instruction? Partially, but nothing like a workshop. While you are photographing on a tour destination we welcome and insist on you asking questions and looking for advice, but there typically is not time set aside for classroom presentations and instruction. We do attempt to offer critiques for those clients who ask for it, but again there needs to be a location and a time during our travel to allow for it. There are often down days on tours, and it is during these down days that we will try to satisfy all of your needs. Tours can last 7-14 days depending on the destination and concept of the trip, which is spelled out in the detailed online summary of how we intend on organizing that trip. Tours will typically include all meals, lodging, and ground transportation, but do not always include in-country airfares, alcohol, entry visas, tips, internet access, laundry, and telephone calls. We always recommend trip insurance for all of our photography tours. Most photography tour deposits are non-refundable.

To Summarize a Photography Tour:

  • A photographic experience geared towards the best photographs and best the destinations
  • Typically a 7-14-day travel experience
  • More time is spent traveling and in the field at specific locations
  • Instruction is given during field shoots as requested by clients
  • Sunrises and sunsets are included as part of the tours, as are other destinations along the way
  • Transportation, lodging, and meals are typically included (each tour experience varies)
  • Photographic equipment is almost never provided-you need to come with your own
  • Trip insurance is HIGHLY recommended to cover any issues regarding your participation
  • Most requested deposits are non-refundable

What is The Photography Seminar:

The photography seminar is the least interactive experience we offer. The photographic seminar is designed to teach software usage, compositional techniques, and anything else related to photography that can be conducted in an indoor group environment. Most seminars are held at larger lodging venues or camera retail outlets with lodging in the near vicinity. The larger group size allows for a more economic price tag, and the content provided is still produced to maximize the participant experience. There are typically question and answered periods, but there is very little one-on-one time between you and Jay other than that which is allotted in the class itinerary. Course materials can be included or excluded. Lodging may or may not be included in the price. Meals and transportation are almost never included. Photographic seminars are almost always a single weekend day or entire weekend event. The Photograpy Seminar is typically going to be held in a city near you.

To Summarize a Photography Seminar:

  • A photographic experience geared towards learning through presentations
  • Typically a 1-2-day weekend event
  • There is a set itinerary that is typically followed
  • Question and answer periods are part of the itinerary
  • There is very little to no one-on-one time
  • In the field time is typically not part of the seminar type event
  • You could potentially be indoors for up to a 6 hour period each day
  • Transportation, lodging, and meals are not typically included (each seminar varies)
  • Photographic equipment is never provided but vendors may attend depending on sponsorship
  • Sometimes there are door prizes and raffles

Enter The Photography Adventure:

What if you could capture some of the features of a workshop, tour, and seminar? Enter the Photography Adventure. If you read the mission statement in the menu above, you will already know that we are looking to inspire and change our end users experience in regards to photography. Coming up with a whole new name designation for our instructional trips then makes complete sense.

We don’t want our clients to feel burdened by sitting in a conference room all day. Although we do feel that our photo review sessions have participants seeing drastic improvement in their photo skills over the course of one of our trips. We also believe that when people eat and drink together, long lasting relationships are created. So the Photography Adventure becomes about the entire experience. The journey if you will. You arrive at the destination when the entire adventure is complete. This is when you have the best selection of photos. This is when your creativity spikes. And this is when your photography takes a step forward.

To Summarize a Photography Adventure:

  • A photographic experience geared towards learning at the best the destinations
  • Destinations are national and international
  • Meals, happy hour, and accommodations become part of the entire experience
  • Typically a 2-day to 14-Day event
  • There is a set itinerary that is typically followed
  • More time is spent traveling and in the field at specific locations
  • Instruction is given during field shoots as requested by participants
  • Sunrises and sunsets are included as part of the tours, as are other destinations along the way
  • Photo review sessions happen every day
  • An instructional keynote may be part of the event
  • Transportation, lodging, and meals may or may not be included (dependent of location)
  • Photographic equipment is almost never provided-you need to come with your own

We hope this helps with what we include as part of the three different photographic instructional experiences that we off here at Jay Goodrich Photographer, Inc. We also suggest that you read our Privacy Policy, and Terms/Conditions pages for additional information about how we conduct our business relations. If you have further questions from there, we always invite you to call, email, or write via our contact page. Our intention is always full transparency with the highest level of professionalism possible in all instances. We hope that you join us on a photographic endeavor in the very near future.