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Our goal is to provide you with a unique photography experience within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. We have crafted our Teton photography adventures designed to take a your creative thinking process beyond the obvious snapshot. Our tours are designed to fit within your visit here, so your schedule is our schedule. If Jay is available when you are in town, you can easily book a custom photo tour photographing in and around Jackson Hole. Our rates include up to 3 people for the same price. We can accommodate additional photographers in your party at an additional cost.

Teton photography adventures can be booked as a half-day (sunrise or sunset), full-day (1 sunrise and 1 sunset adventure) or multi-day format. Your time with Jay can be spent any way you choose. You can photograph in the field or learn software in a classroom environment. Or any combination that you can dream up. Teton photo adventures will typically begin an hour before sunrise and three hours before sunset to take advantage of the best low-angle light. We will journey to one of many prime photographic locations found in the region surrounding Jackson, Wyoming. Jay will fully support your photographic plan, or you can leave the destination up to him. Regardless, you are going to leave this region with the photos you dreamt about.

teton photography adventures

Booking a Teton photography adventure with Jay will pair you and your group with a world-class photographer in a world-class location. His knowledge of the iconic photo locations in Jackson will transform your photo skillset. Jay can also highlight locations that are off the beaten path where you will experience a one-of-a-kind photo opportunity. We will happily work with you to create the perfect photographic tour that best suits your needs.

Our Teton photography adventures operate during every season. We are able to access Yellowstone in winter using our snowcoach or snowmobile partners. Jay can accommodate every level of photographer, from the complete amateur with only an iPhone to a seasoned pro who is just looking for the best locations. 


(not limited to)

Half-day, Single-day or Multi-day

Local to Grand Teton National Park or Yellowstone with concession partners

Exclusively in the Field

Exclusively in the Classroom

Mixed between Field and Classroom

How to Use the Settings on a Camera

How to Create a Compelling Photo Composition

Photographing Specific Locations

Specific Subjects such as Wildlife

Photographing Secret Locations

Specific Activities like Mountain Biking, Climbing, Skiing, Paddle Boarding, Snowmobiling, etc.

Who is Jay

Jay Goodrich is an internationally published adventure photojournalist living in Jackson, Wyoming. He started his professional career as a formally trained architect. It was the click of a camera shutter that changed Jay’s life forever. There was something much more satisfying in hearing that click, than sketching a building. When Jay realized that many of the greatest photographers were using the principles of design to create their photographs, much in the same manner that he designed a building, photography became an obsession. It became his voice. Photography opened the gates to the world and allowed an introvert access to anyone or anything as long as camera was in hand.

Jay is focused on producing a concept with every photograph he takes and then masters the overall look in a non-destructive way. He does not add or subtract anything from his photos. He does not merge or blend exposures. Nor does he use HDR software or stretch or warp his photos. Instead, he looks for a compelling composition within the camera that highlights the story he was exploring at the time he was exploring it. 

Jay spends six months out of the year traveling the world creating stories about riding bikes on dirt, skis on snow, and anything along the way that is outdoor driven or related.

Editorial Client List

Adventure Journal // Backcountry Magazine // Bergstolz Magazine // Bike Magazine // Borrowlenses.com // Dirt Rag Magazine // Freehub Magazine // Later // Mountain Magazine // Mount Baker Experience // National Parks Magazine // Outdoor Photographer Magazine // Outside Magazine // Patagon Journal // Photograph Magazine // Powder Magazine // Shutterfly // Ski Magazine // The Ski Journal Magazine // Washington Post Newspaper // 5280

Commercial Client List

Adobe Inc. // Advocates for Multi-Use of Public Lands // Audubon // Caldera House // Creative Live // Focal Press // Friends of Pathways // GoPro // Grand Targhee Resort // Jackson Hole Mountain Resort // Leavenworth Mountain Association // Line Skis // National Geographic // Shredly Inc. // Sierra Club // Sony North America // S & S Precision // Teton Freedom Riders // Teton Science Schools // Trust for Public Lands // Wagner Custom Skis // Wyoming Tourism Board

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