Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Jackson Wyoming. Our goal is to keep all of our photographers out of the convenience store food mentality! Each of these bests restaurants in Jackson, Wyoming possesses at least one entree that we would return for any day of the week.

If you’re in the Tetons photographing during the summer months, we recommend eating early before heading out to photograph at sunset. If you miss making reservations ahead of time, The Local (see below) serves an amazing bar menu until 10:30PM during the high traffic months of summer.

The way we look at food here at Jay Goodrich Photographer Inc. is directly related to how we look at photography. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and with the greatest amount of creativity infused so that you wow everyone–that is what makes some of the best restaurants in Jackson.  Food is no exception! Now, if you want Wendy’s or McDonalds we’ve got them here for you too, but if you went to Rome, would you not try the pasta or an espresso?

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta eat. ~ Nigel from Finding Nemo.

Trio – One of the best restaurants hands down!

45 S. Glenwood Street

Jackson, Wyoming  83001

1 (307) 734-8038


Very Seasonal Menu – Here are Our Summer Favorites…

Best Cocktail: A Trio of Old Fashioneds – served on a cedar plank (you will have to ask for it) or their Blood Orange Margarita

Best Appetizer: Arugula Salad – simple dressing of olive & lemon or their mussels

Best Entree: Wagyu Eye of Ribeye or Wild Alaskan Halibut

Best Desert: Mini Wood Oven Roasted S’Mor

The Local

55 N. Cache Street

Jackson, Wyoming  83001

1 (307) 201-1717


This is the place for MEAT! and other great dishes…

Best Cocktail: The Local

Best Appetizer: Watermelon Salad or Grass-Fed Beef Carpaccio

Best Entree: Pan Seared Duck Breast or Chef’s Burger

Best Desert: Beignets (when on the menu)

Best Bar Menu Item: Steak and Frites

Thai Me Up

75 E. Paarl Street

Jackson, Wyoming  83001

1 (307) 733-0005


Go Here for Beer!…and the Pad See Ew

Best Cocktail: Thaigarita or BEER from Melvin’s

Best Appetizer: Potstickers

Best Entree: Green Curry Kobe Beef or Pad See Ew Noodles with Kobe Beef

Best Desert: Tempura Fried Bananas

Q Roadhouse

2550 Moose Wilson Road

Wilson, Wyoming  83014

1 (307) 739-0700


Awesome beer and the babysitting lawn area for your kids…

Best Cocktail: Beer, Summer Shandy, or Caipirinha

Best Appetizer: Fried Pickels or Caesar Salad

Best Entree: Mary’s Organic Fried Chicken or Korean Breakfast (when available)

Best Desert: Hummingbird Cake

Il Villagio Osteria

Hotel Terra

3335 Village Drive

Teton Village, Wyoming  83025

1 (307) 739-4100


The food reminds us of something from the countryside of the Italian Alps…

Best Cocktail: Whiskey Richard

Best Antipasti: Pork Belly Ribs

Best Insalata: Osteria Chop

Best Primi: Fusilli

Best Secondi: Wild Boar Tenderloin

Best Desert: Tiramisu Gelato Cake

Mangy Moose

3200 W. McCollister Drive

Teton Village, Wyoming  83025

1 (307) 733-4913


One of the best Apres Ski places in the valley…

Best Cocktail: Margarita – make it a double and try the Spicy too

Best Appetizer: Fried Green Tomatoes

Best Entree: Elk Loin Chop

Best Desert: Another Margarita

The Spur Restaurant & Bar

Teton Mountain Lodge

3385 Cody Lane

Teton Village, Wyoming  83025

1 (307) 732-6932


Great food and Cocktails – the fries after skiing or mountain biking…

Best Cocktail: Bacon Bloody Mary or Meet Your Maker

Best Appetizer: 307 Fries

Best Entree: Zonker Stout Braised Buffalo Short Rib

Best Desert: Chocolate Banana Custard

Hatch Taqueria & Tequilas

120 W Broadway

Jackson, Wyoming 83001

1 (307) 203-2780


Tequila Flights for ALL…

Best Cocktail: Flight of Tequila or The Traditional

Best Appetizer: Grapefruit and Avocado Salad

Best Entree: Pick a Taco or Carne Asada or Chile Relleno

Best Desert: More Tequila