We are going to flat out tell you that Jay is a coffee snob. He lived in the greater Seattle area for 4 years and that was more than enough time for someone to build a strong opinion on what great coffee is. So this review comes with an almost scientific approach to discover the best coffee not only in Jackson, Wyoming, but wherever Jay travels as well.

Now that you have a little background on how strongly we feel about coffee, here are some of the best coffee locations in Jackson, Wyoming. We promise you will leave wired and feeling good about the ground up beans that are crossing your palette. The one downside if you are a photographer visiting Jackson in the summer, coffee will have to happen after your sunrise shoot, most locations open later.

Pearl Street Bagels


5674 Wyoming 22

Wilson. Wyoming 83014

1 (307) 739-1261

Opens at 6:30am

There are two locations for Pearl Street Bagels and although the bagels are great in either location, the coffee is a different story. For whatever reason, the baristas producing the coffee in the Wilson, Wyoming location far exceed what the downtown Jackson, Pearl Street location produces. There could be something in the water, but we head to the Wilson location every morning to get a quad shot 12 ounce mocha and never regret our decision.

Persephone Bakery


145 E. Broadway

Jackson, Wyoming  83001

1 (307) 200-6708

Opens at 7:00am

Persephone’s coffee is really smooth. It reminds us a little of Vivace in Seattle. The only hangup is that they use unsweetened chocolate for their mochas and we are looking for a tiny bit of sweet there. However, either Persephone or Pearl Street produce the best coffee in and around town. Persephone not only has the best breakfast in Jackson, they produce one of the best cinnamon rolls that we have ever had. 

Jackson Whole Roasters


50 W. Broadway

Jackson, Wyoming 83001

1 (307) 200-6099

Opens at 6:30am

We don’t have anything bad to say about Jackson Hole Roasters either. Their coffee is a bit more mass-produced in a fashion that is akin to Starbucks, but without the bitterness that you tend to taste from Starbucks. So this systematic approach to their coffee gives you the same exact taste day after day. It feels a bit less like the coffee shops of the Pacific Northwest where there is a culture behind coffee. Pearl Street and Persephone offer up that culture component that you miss from Seattle.