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The Teton Photographer’s Resource is a growing reference for anyone interested in photography within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Our goal is to highlight every facet of the region, where a photographer can grab a cup of really good coffee or a thirst-quenching beer at the end of a day of shooting. 

Have a look around and don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions. We are also interested in ideas for additional content that would help you with your photography exploration of our region.


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Do you have a great photo of the Tetons? We are looking for amazing landscape, wildlife, adventure & action photos taken within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to feature on our Instagram. We will tag, credit, caption, and hashtag your photo. Our goal is to inspire anyone who looks at our feed with the indescribable beauty this land possesses. 

Send your 2000 pixel or larger .jpg photo with your instagram account ( @youraccount), any tags, caption, and hashtags to {editor at jaygoodrich.com} and if we like it, we will feature it.

Local Resources

A Brief History of Jackson Wyoming

Jackson Wyoming is a gateway city always leading its visitors back towards nature. The mountains and valleys, flora and fauna, rain, snow and sun all contribute to create one of the most beautiful locations in North America...

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Best Breweries in Jackson Wyoming

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While the outsider may take you to photograph at the typical Teton locations, we create an experience that only a local can provide. We take you on an adventure and then teach you how best to photograph it. While we can take you to every famous overlook, we prefer to search out unique perspectives and approaches to photographing in the Tetons. We want our clients to capture photos very few photographers have.

On the Pro Journal

photographer Christmas gift - photo by Jay Goodrich

Photographer Christmas Gift List

So your significant other is a photographer right? Or your significant other is asking, you the photographer, what you want for Christmas. Photographers are the

Canon EOS R with 24-105 Kit Lens -Review and photo by Jay Goodrich

Canon EOS R Kit Review

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Managing Photos Online - Header Photo - © Jay Goodrich

Managing Photos Online

Many years ago in a galaxy far far away… I had an account with PhotoShelter, a website with LiveBooks (running in Flash), and a blog

Teton Photo

Customized photography adventures in Grand Teton National Park with one of today’s leading professional photographers, Jay Goodrich.

Our goal is very simple. We offer PRIVATE photography adventures designed to take your creative thinking process beyond the obvious photo composition, at an affordable price, that fits within your travel schedule. Our Teton Photo Adventures store listing shares Jay’s travel schedule, so you can see every date that he has available. If he is available when you want to visit Jackson Hole, you can instantly book a morning or afternoon time slot or multiples of each for as many days as you like. From there all you have to do is check out and pay via the payment method you choose and join us for a memorable experience here in the Tetons of Wyoming.

PRICE: $700 FULL DAY - 1 to 3 People for same price.

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