Sony Airpeak Drone Footage

The Sony Airpeak Drone is officially Alive!

Sony first announced its official entry into the drone sector early this year with Airpeak drone at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Though there still aren’t solid details on a release date or pricing for its Airpeak drone, the company recently unveiled some stunning wide-angle footage captured over Okinawa, Japan’s, remote island called Irimote. Besides the scenery, the video also showcases the Airpeak drone in action carrying both Sony’s a7S III and FX3 cameras.

What’s revealed, as well, is how the drone is able to carry a payload that includes their new 14mm F1.8 GM lens. Although rather large in size for a drone, Sony claims that the Airpeak is the smallest model available that is able to carry its Alpha line of cameras. We can also see from the latest video that two batteries are needed to power the drone. This is a typical failsafe, also found in DJI’s Inspire 2, should one battery fail during flight.

We are fairly excited for more information regarding this drone and cannot wait for the potential to fly our Sony a7R IV camera for the ultimate high resolution aerial still images.

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