Sony a1 Auto Focus Insanity

Sony a1 Auto Focus Insanity - Yes It Is The One

Sony a1 Auto Focus Insanity is a real, it’s not just some glitch in The Matrix. While we would love to just post a 150 image gallery from a recent shoot using the Sony a1 near Albuquerque, New Mexico as “proof in concept”, that didn’t really seem to make sense. Yes, the Sony a1 focuses extremely fast, it has to, it shoots at 30FPS. 

How do we illustrate that to you, the potential user? How about a 4K video that you can enlarge which was created from those 150, 8000+ pixel stills and added to a timeline in Final Cut Pro at 3 tenths of a second–slow enough to see how sharp every frame is and realize that 30FPS can actually create a movie! 

It’s like the first light saber duel in Return of the Jedi, when Vader realizes that Luke has completed his training–“Impressive, most impressive.”

While we will have a full review soon, know that the Sony a1 is Sony’s Flagship. It is quite possibly the most feature packed camera we have ever seen from any manufacturer to date. This makes it truly “The One.” 

All the images were shot at ISO 3200, 1/200 of a second, f/11 at 212mm using a Sony G Master 100-400mm zoom. Processed in Capture One Pro 21. The entire sequence was 150 uncompressed RAW files.

One Last Thought

The Sony a7R IV was the camera that made me switch to Sony. The a1 takes the best features from the a7R IV and the a9 II and puts them in the same chassis as the a9 II. This is the device that will allow you to get ANY shot that you can cook up in your head. Much more of the why soon.

It's Available Now!

The Sony a1 is available from B&H right now for $6498.00.

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