Solar Eclipse 2017 Jackson Hole | Limited Edition Print

Limited Edition Fine Art Print Ready for Framing.


  • Edition of ONLY 12
  • 20 x 30 Photo Size
  • 24 x 34 Total Print Size with White Border
  • Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308
  • Hand Signed & Numbered with Graphite
  • Limited Edition Seal
  • Certificate of Authenticity & Bill of Sale INCLUDED with each purchase



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Solar Eclipse 2017 Jackson Hole Limited Edition Print

This solar eclipse 2017 Jackson Hole limited edition print was created while photographing the solar eclipse 2017 in Jackson Hole, near the town of Jackson, Wyoming. This photo was originally photographed using a digital camera, a 1200mm focal length lens, using an in-camera double exposure technique to include not only eclipse totality, but the mountain biker riding down the ridge simultaneously.

Similar to Jay Goodrich’s concept for his Then ~ Now limited edition fine art photography book, our Then ~ Now limited edition prints offer the buyer a way to display some of the amazing photographs Jay has created over the course of his career. Some of these limited edition prints are in the Then ~ Now book, but many are not. Even when self-publishing a limited edition photography book of your own, price still dictates space availability. Jay has hundreds of photos that had to be cut from the book for this very reason. Consequently, some of those photos are now available to hang on your walls.

Jay’s Solar Eclipse 2017 Jackson Hole Limited Edition Print has been thought about with the same care and intent as his Then ~ Now book. Every detail from the print’s size, to its paper, to even the design of the bill of sale and authenticity certificate have been personally labored over by Jay. Our goal is promote the craft of photography and its creation in the coming years. Producing high-end photography books and prints is the best way to achieve this goal in a now digital-centric, non-tangible photography world.

While many photographers consider limited edition print runs of hundreds or thousands, Jay is only printing 12 copies of each photo in this limited edition fine art print series. Once sold out these photos will never be printed again. Each series has tiered pricing attached to it, adding more value as it nears the end of its print run. There are 4 pricing tiers, with 3 prints available in each tier.

Each photo within this limited edition print series has been carefully selected. Jay wanted photos that focused on light, clarity of subject matter, and the overall composition of the photograph itself. We also chose not to offer these prints as framed units, so you can specifically have your purchase framed to match the decor of your home. We will gladly provide a custom quote for framing if you want your print ready to hang on the wall when it arrives.


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