How-To Photo Tune-Up


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Has your camera been sitting all alone in a dark closet, in a remote location of your house? Neglected. Forgotten about. Allowed to become home to multiple species of arachnids? Did winter or some similar event send you back into your den for a long, dark hibernation away from the joys of picture taking? A hibernation that has your head filled with miscellaneous cobwebs too? Maybe like that classic convertible in the garage as well?

What’s the first thing that your dormant car gets before you head out with the top down? Yes, the almighty tune-up. Maybe a fresh battery, new oil, new anti-freeze. Then you create some plans to travel, maybe to some of our National Parks, a great place to drive through with your now completely tuned car. You reach into the closet for the camera…and all those spiders attack. Now, as you recover in the hospital, you realize that you don’t remember a thing about taking a photograph beyond a lame social media snapshot. How do those camera controls work? What’s the objective of a compelling photograph?

What do you do? You simply add our Photography Tune-Up to your cart, to get the latest revised version of an e-book that Jay has created to help you remember not only what you love about photography, but how you go about illustrating your vision.

And although this guide will not get rid of the spiders in your closet, it will inspire you to keep your camera out longer maybe even as fall ends and winter begins. And if you think you need more help than this guide offers, then just head over to our store page to join us in some of the most photographic locations on our planet. We will teach you how to design a photo rather than just simply clicking your shutter at everything your eyes encounter.