Reject a Photo post - Teton sunrise by Jay Goodrich

When to Reject a Photo

With the age of digital photography now becoming a mainstream part of society, how do you decide which photos are good enough to keep and which should be thrown in the trash? While photographers need to know when to reject a photo, we don’t necessarily want to form a hypothesis of rules. If you have ever taken a workshop with me, you will quickly … Read more

Concepts for Photographers - Skiing Photo on Velvia by Jay Goodrich

Concepts for Photographers to Follow

I have been creating photos and articles full-time as a business model for over a decade now. Over the course of that decade I have discovered some concepts for photographers that truly work towards obtaining, maintaining, and growing your career. Here goes without any sort of order. Perseverance When my wife and I lived in Vail we had an amazing land lord. He owned two condos … Read more

Shutter Speed for Artistic Motion by Jay Goodrich

Shutter Speed is the Key to Artistic Motion

Shutter Speed is the Key The word photography is almost synonymous with the word still. Photographers take stills. Videographers capture motion. This may be the defining thought process, but it definitely doesn’t correspond to the creative side of photography. Our cameras are set up to allow almost any vision to become a reality. This is especially true when illustrating artistic … Read more