successful photographs - mtb racing by Jay Goodrich

Successful Photographs

Sometimes as photographers we forget the very basics of picture making during the excitement of actually taking the photo. This excitement has a tendency to cloud our vision. By attempting to keep sight of three basic questions, we can create more successful photographs. What are those questions? Simple. Where? What? Why? If you keep these three Ws in mind every time … READ MORE

Photo Manipulation - Teton Landscape by Jay Goodrich

Photo Manipulation

There is a very large grey area in the processing of digital photos in today’s world. Many photographers don’t understand the notion of photo manipulation. In addition, others stand behind the “it’s art” justification. The larger concern in play is that photography is a realistic medium. While photographers can claim the art justification, where and how do we draw a … READ MORE

Photograph Fireworks - Car and Fireworks by Jay Goodrich

Photograph Fireworks

Every 4th of July people ask me how-to photograph fireworks. This year I have decided to give you some tips to photograph fireworks based on my many years of trial and error. This article is a fairly quick read so you can get back to you barbecues and beer. Equipment to Photograph Fireworks Tripod – A quality tripod by companies … READ MORE

photo gear pare down - gear photo - by Jay Goodrich

Photo Gear Pare Down

There is a change on the wind my friends. While I want to say it’s a big change, it’s actually more about “shrinkage” than anything else. It’s the photo gear pare down. I want you to think about the successful photograph for a moment. In its most perfect state, that photograph contains exactly the proper amount of inclusion and exclusion … READ MORE

Then Now Fine-Art Photography Book by Jay Goodrich

Fine-Art Photography Book – Build Your Own

Since the explosion of the digital camera, photography has become less of a tangible medium. We are now able to view more photography online and through social media than ever before. Print used to be the only medium that allowed us to own copies of spectacular photos. Holding a tangible photo in the form of print or fine-art photography book is a much different … READ MORE