Pro Journal

Photography gear tests & more.

The Pro Journal studies gear, photography techniques, actual methods to creating photos, and then how to process and catalog all of that photography work.

The Pro Journal is about those little building blocks that help hold the house of photography up. A form of structure that comes from where Jay came from prior to photography – architecture.

Structure is posts, beams, walls, concrete, steel, wood. Today’s photography structure comes in the form of the portrait, the grand landscape, the action photo–any photo. In its simplest form, the Pro Journal is about creating a photograph of anyone or anything that has more meaning to it than just a simple snapshot.

The Pro Journal comes to you from the heart of the Tetons in Wyoming. Every day the sun rises in different light. Welcome to the journey.

Creativity in Photography Hayden Sunset Wyoming by Jay Goodrich

Creativity in Photography

The Creativity Buzz Creativity has become a bit of a buzz word in the photo world lately. Many are advocating that ANYONE can be creative in their

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Instagram for Photographers - Jay Goodrich Instagram Feed Screenshot

Instagram for Photographers

Instagram History The social media platform Instagram made its inauspicious debut as an app for the iPhone on October 6, 2010. It was originally created

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Manage Digital Photos Cover - Jay Goodrich

How-to Manage Digital Photos

Introduction Photographers have no shortage of hardware. It all begins with our cameras and lenses. Then we quickly learn about all of the other photographic

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The Pro Journal Intro Photo - Portrait of Girl taken with iPhone

The Pro Journal

Why the Pro Journal I have been thinking about my photography lately. My style, my vision, my technique. How I create. What I create. What

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