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Welcome to the Jay Goodrich Photography Store

The Jay Goodrich photography store is a learning, inspirational, and expressive photography stopping point for adventure photojournalist Jay Goodrich.

Jay is an internationally published adventure photojournalist living in Jackson, Wyoming. He started his professional career as a formally trained architect. It was the click of a camera shutter that changed his life forever. There was something much more satisfying in hearing that click than drawing buildings for Jay. When he realized that the greatest photographers were designing their photographs in the same manner that he designed a building, photography became his obsession. It became his voice. Photography opened the gates to the world and allowed an introvert access to anyone or anything as long as camera was in hand.

Jay very rarely uses Adobe Photoshop to master photographs. He tries to produce as much of the concept of every photograph in-camera and then master the overall look in a non-destructive way using Capture One Pro. He DOES NOT add or subtract anything to/from most of his photos. He does not merge or blend exposures. He does not use HDR software or techniques. He does not stretch or warp his photos. He attempts to focus on producing a compelling composition that highlights the story he was exploring at the time he was exploring it.

Jay and his team are here to provide you with the framework to master the creative photography process. You will become a better photographer just from receiving our free newsletter. It includes a new thought provoking how-to tip in each installment. If you prefer a more hands on approach, our Teton Photo Adventures will give you a one-on-one experience for a very reasonable price. And finally, if you want to travel to the farthest reaches of the earth, we have a ten-year photography veteran willing to stand by your side, through every stage of the process. Consider this store the portal to a new and different philosophy on photography.

Our Creative Goals

We want you to look at the world with your own unique eyes, to move beyond the obvious photograph at the obvious overlook. Our goal isn’t necessarily to tell you what to photograph, but to teach you how to recognize what creates the best photographs. We are tossing the traditional concept of the photography workshop and tour into the trash. This is because you are someone who looks at the world differently. You need to view every location as an adventure. Many photographers view the destination as the holy grail, but it is truly the journey along the way that provides the creative story that makes you a better photographer.

There aren’t any tests to becoming a professional photographer. Any one who takes photos can hang a sign outside of their door stating that they are open for business. Many of us already know that this approach only saturates the market with mediocrity. While there are certain professional photographer business models where mediocrity still allows for some success, that strategy never lasts. The cattle that follow the one in front of them to the feeding trough still end up on our tables for dinner.

You need to focus on becoming a creative power house. You need to be different. You need to forget about the rules. There are no rules for those who decide to follow their own path. And when you follow your own personal journey, you will create something that no one has ever thought to photograph.

Other Opportunities

Our newly designed Jay Goodrich photography store is just beginning. The Pro Journal posts are geared towards sparking your creative thought process and updating you on new techniques, equipment, and how-to’s. Our eBooks will further challenge and refine that process in an engaging way. And our new photography adventures will take you beyond that obvious overlook where everyone captures the same photograph.

We want you to walk away from this website, from reading one of our eBooks, or from joining us on a trip, inspired, excited, and driven to produce a stronger photograph than the day before you met us. It’s time for you to explore, engage, and move #beyondtheobvious. We hope to see you soon in an upcoming group adventure, or an adventure that is all your own in the Tetons, or somewhere even further off the beaten path.


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