iMac Pro on It’s Way Out

Apple is Dropping iMac Pro

Last week MacRumors announced that Apple’s iMac Pro lost it customizations options and listed the banner, “While Supplies Last” in the Apple online store. The iMac Pro was originally announced in December of 2017 to take the place of Apple’s then aged Mac Pro–remember the “trash can”.

Since the iMac release in 2017, Apple has beefed up their base iMac line and released the current Mac Pro tower that is reminiscent of the Mac Pro designs of Jobs’ era Apple–only with a larger options package and heftier price tag. 

Since the MacRumors’ press release Apple has in fact confirmed that the iMac Pro is a goner. 

Don't Fret

MacRumors is also touting that Apple may have a media event coming on the 23rd of March. With the removal of iMac Pro from Apple’s computing lineup and their late fall release of the Apple M1 chip in MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini, the next announcements for Apple could be giving users more to drool about.

If you are currently in need of a new machine, it’s probably best to wait a few weeks. 

While we are still running an iMac Pro as our base photo editing machine, the performance that is being reported regarding Apple’s M1 chips has us thinking about the future just like Apple.

Time to join the Darkside

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