Limited Edition Prints.


Have you ever noticed a photographer's limited edition print series in the thousands of numbers?

We Have Too.

Limited edition prints need to have very limited numbers. They need to have collectability. Jay’s print series are only available in editions of 12. Each edition of 12 has 4 pricing tiers. The earlier you purchase a print, the more value you obtain. As a series progresses, it becomes rarer, thus, the cost rises as well. Photos are NEVER printed again once they reach a total of 12 copies.¬†Period. This guarantees that there are only 12 people world-wide with one of our limited edition prints.


Jay takes great care to ensure his limited editions are authentic. Each print comes with an official certificate of authenticity and bill of sale. In addition, Jay has painstakingly thought about the look and feel of each limited edition print that he produces.


Jay has chosen to print on aluminum for all of his limited edition prints. This material is designed to last a lifetime. It produces an image with super rich color gamut. 

Jay’s limited edition prints are offered in any size that you need, this allows you to easily fit it into your own personal display space. The print remains only 1 of the series of 12 regardless of the size you spec.


Prices begin at $995 USD for a Tier One limited edition print release. Prices gradually progress to $4895 USD for the 3 prints within Tier Four. Early investors’ prints become more valuable as the series of 12 prints progresses. Look at our open edition prints if this pricing model is outside of your budget.


EVERY print that Jay produces is labeled and signed. Each print also contains an embossing stamp that includes the series number within the edition of 12.

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