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Then ~ Now is a fine art photography book that shows the progression of photographer Jay Goodrich’s first 10 years as a full-time professional.

  • Large-format fine art photography book is 13 inches wide by 11 inches tall.
  • Includes 4 original narratives and 116 photographs with photo notes in 138 pages.
  • Limited-edition print run of only 66 copies.
  • Showcases some of the finest landscape, wildlife, and adventure photography.
  • 100# premium matte (148 GSM) paper stock throughout interior of the book.
  • Image wrap hardcover.
  • Hand embossed, signed, dated, and numbered copies for each book.
  • Custom charcoal grey end sheets.


With the growth of digital cameras in the last decade and the rate at which photos circulate the globe, many believe we will see an end to photography as a printed medium. However, we interact with a printed photo in a way that is very different from they way we view digital material. We smell and feel a book, and our eyes and brains process that physical information differently. The printed photograph must never die. That is why we have constructed this fine art photography book.

Our limited edition fine art photography book has been created using the same care and attention to detail that Jay brings to his photo adventures.

Not only do the striking photos within the book highlight a decade of Jay’s growth as a photographer, the book itself is a unique work of art. It is constructed using heavy-weight paper stock, a bold color image wrap cover, and a custom, hand-made stamped cover sheet. Finally, it is embossed with a limited-edition authenticity seal, and hand-signed and numbered by the artist. Remember, there are only 66 limited-edition copies available, once they are sold, this book is sold out.


Take a peek inside Then ~ Now.

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