EXIT Magazine Issue 1 – Wyoming


Quarterly outdoor portfolio-based printed magazine covering various topics & locations.


EXIT Magazine Issue 1 – Summary

Takes our reader to Wyoming. It’s the story of how Jay Goodrich spent 30 years trying to figure out where he finally belonged. EXIT Magazine is a way for Jay to show you his world. Set to inspire through a brief collection of storytelling words. Seasoned with stunning photographs. Designed with intent – similar to Jay’s limited edition book Then ~ Now. All of the photos within EXIT Magazine Issue 1 have been taken in Wyoming.

EXIT Magazine Issue 1 – Wyoming

what is EXIT.

it’s an attempt.

an attempt to highlight where I have been.

better yet highlight where I am going.

from where I have been.

I am a photographer.



I design my photographs.

why not design how I show those photographs to you.

in a format you understand.

something you can take with you.



dog ear.

doodle on.

even discard. 🙁 recycle please.

over the course of the last decade I have completed 172 feature projects.

pages upon pages of content.

this magazine will highlight that content.

while producing something new in the process.

its single goal is to get you excited & inspired.

then we can now create new content together.

flip the page to begin our journey.

let’s EXIT.