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The Sun is the Ultimate Light Source by Jay Goodrich

The Sun is the Ultimate Light Source

The Sun and The Photographer The sun is the ultimate lighting source for photographers, only many of us don’t realize it. We become so enamored with the gadgetry of photo equipment that we tend to forget about the simplicity of discovering something standing right next to us. Photographers simply love the beauty of

Elevate Your Photography Post

Elevate Your Photography

Here are 10 simple steps to elevate your photography from the rest of the photographers out there. 1. Find a Different Perspective When you get the opportunity to visit those iconic locations, go ahead and recreate those classic shots you have seen from the master photographers. These compositions are always great to have in your body of work. Think

Capture One Pro Desktop by Jay Goodrich

Using Capture One Pro Instead of Lightroom

Capture One Pro Introduction As many of you know I have been struggling with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for some time now. It began when I replaced my main office computer with a new Apple Retina 5K iMac. Lightroom is slow, clunky, and crashes often. I cannot stand calling Adobe’s tech support as they

Professional Photographer Portrait of Jay Goodrich

Think Before Becoming a Professional Photographer

I want to throw the romance of photography and being a professional photographer in the garbage can for a few minutes. This post is to give you some idea of what you may be stepping into should you decide that you absolutely need to become a professional photographer. I am not speaking of

Great Wildlife Photos - Blacktailed Jackrabbit by Jay Goodrich

6 Tips to Taking Great Wildlife Photos

Yes, a big lens helps. But a big creative spirit helps, too. Here are strategies for great wildlife photos no matter what your gear. Great wildlife photos aren’t a cheap photographic endeavor. To get the type of shots that run in Nat Geo, it typically requires big, expensive, high-quality lenses and fast cameras. But most of

Instagram for Photographers - Jay Goodrich Instagram Feed Screenshot

Instagram for Photographers

Instagram History The social media platform Instagram made its inauspicious debut as an app for the iPhone on October 6, 2010. It was originally created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. A short 6 months later they managed to acquire $500,000 in seed money. 2 years after the app was created, it was

Manage Digital Photos Cover - Jay Goodrich

How-to Manage Digital Photos

Introduction Photographers have no shortage of hardware. It all begins with our cameras and lenses. Then we quickly learn about all of the other photographic accessories that are needed to highlight our basic kit. We need filters, batteries, flashes, tripods, etc. In the “film age” that is where the purchasing typically ended. Except

Practice Photography Locally Post Photo - Snow Storm FJ Cruiser

Practice Photography Locally

Practice Photography Locally Do you ever take photos in your backyard? Along the road by your house? In the park that is very close to your house? I hope so. I practice photography locally. OFTEN! You cannot become a skilled photographer by just packing up your gear and heading to some remote, stunningly beautiful,