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Leica Q Field Test by Jay Goodrich

Leica Q Field Test

I can honestly say that I refrained from this Leica Q field test for a long time. It was almost a year ago that a reader suggested testing the Leica Q. Basically, I didn’t get the camera. I continuously thought – who in the world would want a $4500 camera with fixed 28mm

Lightroom Speed Settings Article by Jay Goodrich

Lightroom Speed Settings

I bet you are thinking that I am NOW taking LSD. Preach my love for Capture One Pro then start writing about Lightroom again? I know. It can get confusing. I actually use both platforms at this point. People send me emails about how to accomplish certain tasks all the time. These systems

photographer Christmas gift - photo by Jay Goodrich

Photographer Christmas Gift List

So your significant other is a photographer right? Or your significant other is asking, you the photographer, what you want for Christmas. Photographers are the hardest people on the planet to buy a gift for because, well, because everything a photographer wants costs $10,000.00. And those of you who are not a photographer

Canon EOS R with 24-105 Kit Lens -Review and photo by Jay Goodrich

Canon EOS R Kit Review

I wanted the Canon EOS R to be a contender. To be salvation – if that is even possible in the world of photography. I think the Canon EOS R does a great job of producing great photos, but I don’t feel there is anything really new here. You won’t be wowed by

MindShift BackLight 18L backpack © Jay Goodrich

MindShift BackLight 18L Camera Pack

I am going to start this post about the MindShift BackLight 18L Camera Pack with a little bit of a rant about camera packs in general. In 20 years of taking photos, I can tell you that I have yet to find the perfect pack for me. In fact, I have probably gone through

Leica SL mountain biking photo © Jay Goodrich

Why Leica

Why Leica – Why Not? In the words of John Belushi from Animal House ~ Bluto: Kroger, your Delta Tau Chi name is Pinto. Pinto: Why “Pinto”? Bluto: [belches] Why not? A Little Leica History I think you should know a little about Leica. In the forums, some may connect Leica to wealth,

Sony a7 III Feature Image © Jay Goodrich

Sony a7 III – The Game Changer

This very well may be the best camera in the world. Jay Goodrich Tweet Surprised? You should be. The Sony a7 III is THE game changer. It is the first mirrorless camera that I have tested which possesses the perfect balance of features, price and image quality. The bottomline is that if you

Lightroom v. Capture One Pro Header photo © Jay Goodrich

Lightroom v. Capture One Pro

If you have read my posts about Lightroom and Capture One Pro, you will already know that I have a love affair with Capture One Pro. It is now time to pit some of what I consider their best and worst features side by side in our latest test of Lightroom v. Capture One Pro. We

lacie d2 10tb thunderbolt 3 header image

Lacie d2 10TB Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Drive

8 years in technology change is probably comparable to 100 years of change in human life. That’s how old my “old” hard drive setup was and it was like T-Rex was alive. Right at the eight year mark my Lacie 2Big hard drive decided it was time to quit. This was a 6TB

Leica CL top view Header © Jay Goodrich

Leica CL Camera Kit Test

The Leica CL is the latest APS-C camera offering from Leica. While many of you are completely obsessed with having the latest and greatest full-frame camera sensors, the Leica CL is a major departure from that concept. It is as simplistic and yet powerful as any camera I have ever tried. In fact,

Lightroom Modules Header Photo - Winter Bison Wyoming © Jay Goodrich

Lightroom Modules Out – Use these Software Platforms

In my latest review of Adobe’s Lightroom Classic CC, I talked a little about the fact that I only access the Library and Develop Modules. A reader asked me to discuss why I don’t use the other Lightroom Modules and what, if any, software platforms I use instead of these Lightroom Modules. I

Sony A7R III Camera Test

Sony a7R III and FE 4/24-105 G Lens

Welcome to a new year and a new review of a new camera. Say hello to Sony’s latest full-frame mirrorless body the Sony a7R III. The Sony a7R III can now be purchased as a kit with Sony’s brand new FE 4/24-105 G zoom lens. On the surface you would be hard pressed to notice any