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8 Reasons Capture One is the Best Image Editor screenshot by Jay Goodrich

8 Reasons Capture One is the Best

I have written multiple articles about my love affair with Capture One Pro. Being completely transparent, I switched to Capture One, then switched back to Lightroom, and now I have pretty much settled on Capture One Pro for good. Generally, because I feel that Capture One is the best image editor, with the

lightroom export tips - sunset over Grand Teton in Winter by Jay Goodrich

Easy Lightroom Export Tips

Actually, one of the best Lightroom export tips we have is that exporting from Lightroom is probably the simplest function of Lightroom Classic CC. This is basically a point, click and ship procedure. So how do I really use it.

Leica M10 and Star Wars - Burned Vader Helmet - photo by Jay Goodrich

Leica M10 and Star Wars – Just Amazing

Leica M10 – The Leica. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. ~ That’s what they say. This post is going to be a little less about the Leica M10 and a little more about my history with photography and Star Wars. In a round about way, George Lucas and Star Wars has more to do with

Sony a7R IV Headline Photo by Jay Goodrich

Sony a7R IV – The One

I am going to begin this Sony a7R IV review by telling you that I have read a dozen other reviews of this camera prior to writing this one. I know what they are all saying. Those other reviews suck. In my opinion of course. My review isn’t going to be another band

Capture One 20 Photo of Michael Franti by Jay Goodrich

Capture One 20 is Positively Kickass

Capture One 20 from Phase One launched today. Contrary to popular belief this is the latest update to Capture One. Many are asking what happened to updates 13-19, since the last version of Capture One was 12? Phase One has stated that with a new decade launching in January, they have decided to

Switching from Leica to Sony by Jay Goodrich

Switching from Leica to Sony

It probably doesn’t come as that big of a surprise to you that I am writing about switching from Leica to Sony does it? I have never had a dislike for Sony cameras and lenses. I just had some issues with a few specifications that I felt needed refinement. My first experience with

Lacie DJI Copilot BOSS storage header image by Jay Goodrich

Lacie DJI Copilot

The Lacie DJI Copilot isn’t necessarily a new concept in mobile storage devices, but in my opinion, it’s superior to the GNARBOX 128GB Portable Backup System that I tested a few years back. GNARBOX holds a few new cards of their own. If you visit the GNARBOX website version 2.0 is for sale.

Lightroom Develop Tips featured image © Jay Goodrich

Lightroom Develop Tips

So far we have gone through speeding up Lightroom, importing into Lightroom, and organizing your photos in the Library Module with Lightroom. Now it’s time to cover some Lightroom Develop Tips. The Develop module is where the magic happens within Lightroom. It’s where you get to decide how you want to present your

Graduated Neutral Density Filters by Jay Goodrich

Graduated Neutral Density Filters

Unlike a neutral density filter, which most photographers and filmmakers use to remove overall light from an exposure, a graduated neutral density filter only darkens a portion of your image. Typically the sky of a landscape photo. These filters are manufactured with varying densities of darkness or stops. They have soft or hard

Lightroom Library Tips article header photo of red fox kit © Jay Goodrich

Lightroom Library Tips

With this second article in our series on Adobe’s Lightroom Classic CC, we are going to look at Lightroom library tips. Hopefully these Lightroom library tips will help speed up your current workflow or help you to actually create a more useable workflow for editing your photos.  Realize that the way I work

Panasonic S1 Photo and Portrait by Jay Goodrich

Panasonic S1 with 24-105mm Lens

The new Panasonic S1 and S1R cameras mark a historical moment not only for Panasonic, but for the camera industry as a whole. Both the S1 and S1R cameras are the first full-frame mirrorless bodies from Panasonic. AND. AND this is a BIG AND, they share the “L” lens mount with Leica and

Lightroom Import Tips Header Photo Grand Teton by Jay Goodrich

Lightroom Import Tips

You are probably thinking that an article on Lightroom import tips is futile at this point. Come on Jay, it’s pretty simple, insert card or connect camera and press enter. Done. You wouldn’t be wrong thinking that way, but what if there were more options available to you? What if this article was