Alaska Bears & Landscape Photo Adventure

August 13-18, 2021

5 Participants



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Alaska Bears & Landscape Photo Adventure

Our 2021 Alaska bears & landscape photo adventure is taking us to a brand-new Alaskan destination. Jay has already declared that Alaska is one of the 10 BEST photo destinations he would return to.

On this ultimate photo adventure we will be searching for Alaskan brown bears fishing at water’s edge during the peaking late summer salmon runs. Our solitary goal is to have you returning home with hundreds of photos of bears running through glaciated waters after fish. In addition to tight portraits of crimson salmon headed into the bellies of the bear eco-system of life.

Our accommodations are nestled on a glacier-fed lake beneath the massive volcanic Chigmit Mountains mountains with clear views of Mount Redoubt mere miles aways. 

If three days of bear photography isn’t enough, we are also planning on sending you home with some dramatic mountain landscapes too.


This photographic adventure is only being offered to 5 people!

Like all of our photographic adventures this is an all-inclusive journey. Just get yourself to Anchorage and you will be taken care of from there.

This trip includes

1.) Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska on both ends of our bear adventure

2.) Dinners in Anchorage

3.) Chartered float plane

4.) Private lodge

5.) Private en-suite cabins

6.) Professional guides

7.) Photo instruction during bear viewing

8.) Daily photo reviews to guarantee you go home with amazing shots

9.) Fishing license

10.) All fishing gear

11.) Fish cleaning

12.) Vacuum packing

13.) Insulated shipping containers

14.) All meals at lodge

15.) Beer & wine

16.) Kayaks

17.) Hot tub

18.) Sauna

19.) Internet!

This truly is the ultimate Alaska bears & landscape photo adventure!

Day 1


Fly into Anchorage, Alaska. We will have a private hotel room waiting for you. Plan on heading out for dinner as a group to discuss our upcoming morning departure.

The sun sets late in Alaska and we can also head out to photograph around town. 

Day 2


We will depart Anchorage in our private float plane mid-morning for the start of our Alaska bears & landscape photo adventure, weather permitting. Photo opportunities will abound during our trip to the lodge. 

After an orientation with our guides, we are planning on shooting photos.

Day 3 & 4

AUGUST 15 & 16, 2021

We will be photographing bears & landscapes in early morning and late afternoon light both of these days.

During midday hours you can fish for salmon, kayak, grab some hot tub or sauna time, or download photos and grab some one-on-one compositional advice from Jay. 

Day 5


We will fly out of the lodge mid-morning on our private chartered float plane. Again, plan on taking aerial photos as we head back to Anchorage.

We will have a hotel in Anchorage waiting for your return with another group dinner with the group reminiscing about our unbelievable experience. 

You can also depart from Anchorage for home this evening if needed. Just plan on a late afternoon flight.

If people are still yearning for more, we will head out for sunset photos along the Cook Inlet.

Day 6

AUGUST 18, 2021

Travel home via Anchorage International.


1.) Your flights to and from Anchorage

2.) Gratuities

3.) Gifts & Sundries

4.) Having Jay edit & organize your photos in Lightroom

5.) Jay designing a fine art book of your trip