Adobe Lightroom Classic Update

Adobe Lightroom Classic Update

Adobe has just released an update to Adobe Lightroom Classic (version 10.2) focused on mainly on performance upgrades to the Library and Develop modules. Adobe has also included a Beta version of tethering for Nikon in this release.

Additionally, Adobe has announced updates for Lightroom and Lightroom for mobile. Lightroom desktop (version 4.2) and Lightroom for mobile (version 6.2) which include numerous new features, Apple ProRaw support and additional enhancements. 

The Welcome Screen

The latest update to Adobe Lightroom Classic focuses on performance enhancements within the Develop and Library Modules. These speed upgrades seem to work mostly on scrolling and navigation within the modules. 

Giving it a try with a 160,000 plus image catalog does seem better than it did prior to the update. 

Adobe has also included faster Batch Editing functionality and highlights that it is more noticeable when editing larger groups of selected images. 

This update puts Adobe Lightroom Classic in what seems a never-ending cat and mouse update process between Adobe and Capture One Pro. We still feel that Capture One Pro presents itself as a more professional editing solution for photographers. And, if nothing else, the UI of Capture One Pro doesn’t feel like a left-over Windows 98 product.

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