Storm Dispatch Three | Powder Magazine

My first photo project this season resulted in Storm Dispatch Three for Powder Magazine. I held on to the classic 80’s movie theme of Storm Dispatch Two, but changed the concept up a bit. I wrote close to five hundred words of inspiration connected to John Cusack’s ski movie – Better of Dead. The bottom line is: No matter how

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Jackson Hole Skier Magazine 2017

Photos In Print | Jackson Hole Skier Magazine 2017

The Jackson Hole Skier Magazine 2017 features multiple photos that I shot last season here in Jackson, Wyoming. The first photo is of pro free-skier Bryce Newcomb throwing an old-school daffy in Rendezvous Bowl. This was in-bounds at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. My hopes of silhouetting his shape against the valley fog happened as the trick was in full extension at

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December 2016 Powder Magazine tear sheet by Jay Goodrich

Photos In Print | December 2016 Powder Magazine

The December 2016 Powder Magazine features a series of photos that I shot last season in the Western U.S. The first set of photos was taken of Martha Hunt, mother of free-skier Pip Hunt, in Whitefish, Montana. I created the photos after shooting the Glacier National Park segment for Powder’s Monumental Feature. The photos I took of Martha were included in a feature article in the

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november 2016 powder magazine tear sheet by jay goodrich

Photos In Print | November 2016 Powder Magazine

The November 2016 Powder Magazine features two separate photos that I shot here in Jackson, Wyoming. I shot the first photo early one winter morning while driving to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to ski and photograph. The light was so dynamic over Grand Teton and the rest of the Teton mountain range that morning. I quickly wrestled my camera out of my backpack to

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october 2016 powder magazine tear sheet by Jay Goodrich

Photos In Print | October 2016 Powder Magazine

The October 2016 Powder Magazine features a photo that I shot with professional skier and mountain biker Andrew Whiteford. It was one of those glorious mornings that most serious skiers wish for every day of every season. Eighteen inches of new snow over night with extremely low moisture content. From a photographer’s standpoint it got even better. As the resort

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Line Skis Photo Poster by Jay Goodrich

Photos In Print | Line Skis Poster

My friend and professional free-skier Hadley Hammer is one of today’s top female ski athletes. 4 years ago, shortly after we met, she hiked up to the top of a line called Smart Bastard in the backcountry adjacent to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. What happened next quickly became part of local legend. I stood in a location where probably dozens

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