Inscape – New Column in PHOTOGRAPH Magazine

It’s like waiting for Christmas as a kid. You know, where you have asked for that Red Rider BB Gun. You have continually obsessed, aggravated, and delivered sermon after sermon to your mom and dad about it, counting the days, hours and minutes in hopes of not being disappointed.

That’s where I was until today – waiting for the first issue of PHOTOGRAPH Magazine to arrive to see what my first installment of Inscape looked and read like.

Let’s hit the reset button for a brief moment. Months ago, I proposed an idea to friend and fellow photographer David DuChemin for his then upcoming project PHOTOGRAPH Magazine. I wanted to write a column that stimulated people’s minds on the creative level. I wanted to combine a creative writing piece with a single image that completed the story line.

I wrote in my proposal, “this column would illustrate a point via the photo chosen for that issue. The writing style would highlight the emotion and inspiration for creating it. I don’t necessarily want the column to give the reader the answers. And I especially do not want to give the reader a play-by-play or how-to account of what was happening when the image was conceived. I want to draw them in by highlighting “The Experience” of what I felt at the time.” The whole concept grew out of something that I created here on this blog called the experience.

inscape column image

He graciously accepted, and now you get to experience a quarterly column entitled, Inscape in Craft and Vision’s new magazine – PHOTOGRAPH. In this inaugural issue I am taking you to Alaska with an image that I created this past summer. Head over to the Craft and Vision website to download your copy today and journey around the world with Art WolfeBruce PercyYounes BounharDavid DuChemin and many, many, other talented photographers. Who says Christmas can’t happen early, maybe even on Halloween!