The Photographer Athlete Dialogue.

Jay Goodrich

Because sometimes what we say is funny.

See that tree over there? The one with the snow on it?

Let me throw a snowball.

This camera's autofocus sucks.

Did you get it? (double backflip)

(low voice) Ummm. Yeah.

This distance seems tight.

Don't worry I have never hit the photographer twice in one day.

Is that next year's Gore-Tex line from Marmot?

Does this gate make me look short?

(over the radio) Condor to Sparklehorse are you ready?

Why Sparklehorse?

Because you like glitter and shit?

Ok Condor, Sparklehorse is a go in 5.

This is how I cupcake (jump) fluff.

You know Cupcake Fluffer is your new nickname right?