Baja, Mexico - Shoot Report...

Jay Goodrich

I was recently in Baja, Mexico, working with KGB Productions. My job was to capture the still photographs attached to a film being produced for the upcoming Fly Fishing Film Tour titled, Baja Lines.

The story is about two childhood friends who head to Baja to attempt to catch striped marlin using fly fishing rods and then free ride mountain bike the rugged desert terrain that slams into the coastal waters. 

Their guides use, small, fast boats, to access the marlin in the 1000 foot deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. While these boats get you to where you need to be, the Pacific is not a placid refuge. To better describe the teeth jarring experience of searching for marlin on these waters, the term “bone hammer” was coined — my skeleton still shutters at the thought of returning. 

I shot close to 10,000 photos on this trip, most of which are yet to be edited. Soon there will be an article about this journey. For now, enjoy a few of my favorite photos. 

Welcome to BAJA.


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