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Some of our clients have written post length testimonials as to why Jay’s instructional techniques are of such value…

Individual Client Testimonials:

Sharon K.

Last June, I had the opportunity to be included in Jay Goodrich's photography seminar held in the Big Sur country near Monterrey, CA. An added bonus was that Gavriel Jecan, another talented professional, was also in attendance which doubled our teacher/student ratio. Either one of these phenomenal photographers could have handled the class with ease, but their joining together was a fantastic experience for the attendees. Each of them brought their own expertise to the class and their suggestions and observations helped each of us move forward in our quest for improvement. The comments that each of them made during the "field trips" were very helpful and their critiques were honest, to the point, and invaluable for people trying to learn and develop their skills. It is now impossible for me to walk by one of the photos that I had presented for a critique without remembering what was said. I will NEVER inadvertently include a piece of a wall in the same scene as a beautiful butterfly resting on coral flowers again. So enamored was I of the fading out of the flowers that I failed to see the enclosure wall. It was only when brought to my attention did I see the wall. With every seminar or workshop that I have taken with Jay, I learn to see more and feel more of the subjects I am capturing at the moment. He encourages art, encourages people to explore and develop their own abilities and visions, and provides technical expertise relating to both computer software and camera functions. He encourages people to believe in themselves and to not give up. Thank you Jay (and Gavriel) for being willing mentors to those who come to you for your knowledge, guidance and friendship.

David R.

Thank you very much for taking the time to comment, and give suggestions on how to better my composition. I'm looking forward to your 2014 schedule and having more time with your knowledge and helping me to improve my eye. Please let me know when your new schedule is published. Merry Christmas All the Best to you and your family.

Charles L.

I just returned from Jay’s Aspen Workshop. The experience was phenomenal. Jay works with all the attendees and discusses photography at each individual’s level. The outdoor venues offered opportunities for macro photography, rippling rivers reflecting fall aspen colors, aspen groves on mountain side to glorious sunsets with hints of the Georgia O’Keefe artistry in the image’s processing. The two-midday composition lecture series goes well beyond the rule of thirds and are like drinking from a fire hose. Jay imparts his experience in not only words but with numerous images to explain the reasons for a specific composition technique. Jay will amaze you with his mentoring to get more than you ever imagined from you and your equipment in the workshop. The last day critique of your favorite shots is most rewarding as he describes how to use Lightroom 4 to bring snap to your images. I came away for this three-day experience with significantly improved skills and a greater respect for Jay’s passion, expertise and ability to pull the best out of my meager talents. I will be back.

Linda B.

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the photo class in your new hometown, Jackson, WY. I've been working a ton, went to Myanmar and Bangkok, and just have been overloaded lately. I'm sure that's nothing new to you. You seem like one of the busiest guys around. I truly enjoyed the class, the scenery, and your expertise. Plus, you are just fun to be around and bring a lot of joie de vivre with you. I loved the fact that there were only a few of us taking the course and we were able to really immerse ourselves in photography. I hope you and your family have settled into your new life in Jackson and are having some fun. I'm sure the skiing is going great guns (no WY pun intended) right now. Looking forward to taking another class sometime soon. I'm contemplating the Glacier one in August. Again, your skill, smarts, boyish attitude, and clever wit really made the class a worthwhile and meaningful learning experience. Thanks again.

John H.

Thanks for the great workshop.  I learned a lot.

Jack G.

First of all, I wanted to thank you for putting on a good workshop. I gained a lot from your instruction and I throughly enjoyed your classroom presentations, and time in the field. I do think I view things differently - looking more at the key components of an image, incorporating CCCL and shooting with a purpose. Just need to shoot more! I am registered for Aspen and looking forward too it. Talk to you soon and thanks again.

Janis L.

I attended your presentation last night and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it and how much I learned. I grew up with an aunt was was a renowned artist/painter in Vancouver, Canada. She took me to museums, art galleries and to visit her artist friends' studios. My aunt always, always asked me what I saw and what I liked and what I disliked. I loved every minute of the time I spent with her. I've never had any formal art training although I am old enough that my education included art classes right through to grade 12. I know that even the small amount of art education I had has enhanced my life and changed the way I look at my world. When my children were growing up in Wenatchee, I was shocked at how little art and science content was taught in their middle and elementary school years unless I discovered a teacher that has a special interest in those topics and then actively lobbied to get my kids into those classes. And even then, I made sure they had art classes beyond what school offered. I could see that you are providing that same kind of enrichment for your own children and I commend you for it. My kids are now 28 and 24, and both are "technical" people as you call them. My son is a civil engineer, my daughter is on her way to becoming a programmer, and although they are not photographers, I know that they "see" the world they live in. Last night your photos were wonderful illustrations of the concepts you were explaining. I realized how much I had learned both from my aunt and all the art I was exposed to in my childhood.  I saw that I had been trying to incorporate some of those principles in my own photographs without conscious thought.  Now that you've identified them for me, I cannot wait to get out there with my camera and start composing my shots with far more attention to those elements.  I'm sure my work will be much stronger and more engaging. Thank you for such a great presentation, I learned a tremendous amount. Take care.

Patty C.

Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your talk this evening on composing shots in-camera. I have a 16 year art background, and have never heard someone explain the elements of design as well as you did, or share their philosophy of design as eloquently. Thanks for taking the time out of what must be an incredibly busy schedule to offer this chance to learn from someone that really knows what he’s doing. I was trying to sign up for your newsletter, but apparently my email address is too long, and it won’t accept it. I’ll have to figure something else out and try again. I would love to keep posted on your workshops and experiences. Thanks again!

Jose C.

Thanks for demonstrating your dedication and passion for photography through your work and teaching style. It’s contagious and inspiring and it has stuck with me.  And my photography in the subsequent days has been all the better for it. I look forward to the opportunity to put our heads together on a project someday. Take care of yourself and I wish you much success in your endeavors.

Colleen P.

Thank you so much for your help over the course of the workshop; I had a great time, in spite of the weather, and learnt many useful things.. I hope I can participate in one of the international workshops sometime!

Tom B.

Thanks very much for the great lecture you and Art put together for us in Costa Mesa a few weeks back! I learned a lot from the discussion/questions session after as well - thanks for taking so much extra time to do it. I hope you enjoyed your stay down here in SoCal. Thanks again and hope to attend another workshop or tour soon!

Shannon M.

I've been teaching myself photography off and on for about 5 years now, started with film and have moved on to digital.  Getting more serious about it this year.  I attended the Seattle seminar with you and Art and it really inspired me to get more serious about it. Honestly I was tired of shooting in western Washington but not anymore.  I have learned so much from your blogs, both here and on Outdoor Photographer.  I look forward to continuing to learn and hopefully take more classes.  Have a lot of weekend trips planned all over Washington state in the coming months.

Eric L.

I just wanted to thank Art, Jay and Gavriel for such a great workshop. This is my first one and I understand from talking with others in the group you guys are the best of the best. Relative to some of the others, I am newer to photography but never felt that way. I learned so much to take back with me about my equipment, composition, light, looking for interesting and often abstract subject matter and so many other things it would take me all day to write them down. Great job. I most certainly will be back for another workshop.

Wesley K.

First I want to tell you "Thank You" so much for all your assistance on the workshop last weekend.  My wife and I enjoyed it and learned so much from Art, yourself and Gavriel.  I came away with some great images that I normally wouldn't have.  And I enjoyed your story  about the camera mishap on your website.  A similar thing happened to me when I was in Alaska.  It had rained the night before and I was carrying my D2X on the tripod over my shoulder, I went under some tree limbs that had water from the previous night and the water seeped down inside and the camera went crazy.  But after setting it in front of a heater/blower for the rest of the day it started working again.  And your Lightroom session was very helpful to both of us as well. Again Cornelia and I would like to thank you for everything.

Peggy Z.

Your content is excellent, I loved your workflow ideas, you are very methodical and obviously know your material well. Your enthusiasm for the use of Lightroom is contagious and I love all of your recommendations. You have a great personality for teaching and I'd love to attend future classes you may schedule. If you have a mailing list, please feel free to add my email to it.

Bob L.

I have attended two workshops with Gavriel Jecan and Jay Goodrich.  They are the best teachers I have ever had.  They are personable, knowledgeable and a great deal of fun.  They help so much both in the conception of good photos, as well as how to improve them with Lightroom and/or PhotoShop.  They are flexible with regard to workshops and always are interested in what the participants wish in a good workshop, and they deliver the goods.  I am way more than satisfied with the experience of attending a workshop with them, and have already started to set up future workshops with them.  I would not hesitate for a nanosecond to recommend them.  My photos at the end of each workshop were already better than they were at the beginning of the workshop, and I do not know a better recommendation, except to say that not only do you learn a lot, but you have  a lot of fun too. Thanks again for a fun learning experience.

Harry A.

I have participated in two of Jay's workshops and have witnessed how dedicated he is to teaching his creative point of view.  I have witnessed Jay mobbed by countless participants, all at once, and he tirelessly answers every last question as though it were his first. His individual attention was tailored specifically to my needs as a student. He provided superb guidance on how to communicate the passion and artistry of my shot.  All in all, his workshops are the most worthwhile investment I have made in improving my photography.

Alan S.

I wanted to thank you for a GREAT workshop in Carmel and Big Sur.  I enjoyed it enough to say that I will surely be back for future tours with you! Each day was filled with excellent opportunities to shoot, learn, and improve my photographic skills.  What I find most valuable is that the concentration (in lectures, shooting sessions, and the critiques) seems to be much more centered around “composition” rather than just technical topics.  That being said, you guys were of great support on the technical side, whenever the need did in fact arise. As I mentioned in our meet-and-greet… I am relatively new to photography.  Additionally, I have taken many trips to the same areas of Big Sur and Carmel – but never walked away with images that I felt were compelling, or what I was hoping to capture.  For me, this workshop was extremely successful – as I finally came away with a collection of photos of varied subjects that I am very happy with!  Thank you for helping me to achieve my goals for the weekend!

Atossa K.

Thank you so much for all you have showed & taught us this past days in California. I have come home with new skills, great memories and more than 1,100 shots! I even continued shooting at SFO and JFK airports…;) I will def share my pictures with you and the rest of the gang (plse send us their emails). I will also post the best ones on my blog which you can follow at:  lpphotosblog.com. In the meantime, be well and keep on shooting away.


I had a wonderful time in Jackson with you and your colleagues. The workshop was very well planned and executed under the weather constraints we had to deal with. Your team members were very helpful and pleasant to be around. I wasn't sure what to expect before the workshop started but now that I completed it, I feel you have opened my thought process to express my photography in ways I would have never have tried on my own. You attempted to convey to us in 4 days what has obviously taken you a life time of hard work to attain. Again, thank you so much for the chance to see nature as you do with your imaginative and calculating mind. I look forward to learning from you again in the near future at another workshop. Until we meet again, godspeed in future endeavors!


It was an awesome workshop and really helped me develop better photography skills.  I look to someday, participate on some of the larger international tours with you guys….perhaps I will see you on one of them.   Good luck and stay in touch.


I wanted to take time to thank you for spending the Labor Day Weekend with those of us who attended the seminar in Port Angeles. From the "meet and greet" on Friday, through the final good bye on Monday, there was a sense of inclusion, interpersonal bonding and and an exhibited desire to assist others in attaining their photographic goals from all of you. I am very pleased with the workshop and the talents assembled to assist us in our growth. Time in the field - despite the wet conditions - afforded us an opportunity to visualize alternative compositions through instruction we received in class or hands on tutelage at that location. Your team was readily available to answer questions and actively sought them out when attendees did not offer them openly. I appreciate the critiques - no better way to learn, especially when John / Jay edit the pictures while they are projected on the screen. Sure, you can say it is an advantage of the digital era, but in reality, it is a benefit you afford your students because you take advantage of digital offerings and include them in your workshop, providing immediate visual feedback to support your comments. Well done! Above all, I am glad I had the opportunity to meet all of you. To gain insights into the technical aptitude, experiences, passion for your art, and, most importantly, the camaraderie you share with one another. Your interactions with one another help put your students at ease, inviting them to become part of the family - if you will - during the time they spend with you. Hats off to you and the Wolfe Pack. You guys rock!


Thanks again for the EXCELLENT experience!!! My photography has been given a HUGE boost, thanks to you and Art! I hope to see you guys on future workshops and in the field. Best wishes!