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Jackson Wyoming 83002 – Dreamer, Drifter…

Jackson Wyoming…this is all going to make sense momentarily, just bear with my rampant train-of-thought diatribe (maybe a bit harsh but such a cool word). There are times in my life when I struggle. I fight failure. I look at myself with question. And wonder when it will all get better. In the same breath, I am a dreamer, drifter, and quite often a dumb-ass. I would say that overall, I move forward without hesitation and often press the damage control button right after tossing the hand grenade into the room of nay-sayers. I often speak my mind without any type of purity filtration and maybe that keeps the world slowing down some radical, out-of-control anarchist. I know that those who drink my very special brand of Kool-Aid keep coming back for more, so I may be on to something, although I find it extremely hard to isolate the statistics.

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9 Things to Think About Before You Become a Professional Photographer

I want to throw the romance of photography and being a photographer in the garbage can for a few minutes. This post is to give you some idea of what you may be stepping into should you decide that you absolutely need to become a professional photographer. I am not speaking of getting published once in a while, winning a photo contest here and there, or traveling the world taking the pictures you want to take. That is not the job of a professional. That is the romance that we all believe a photographic lifestyle is or should be. This is very IMPORTANT…becoming a professional has very little to do with taking photographs. The actual picture taking part, becomes the luxury item when you become a professional photographer. So with this thought in mind, here are 9 things to think about before you follow your romantic, stomach-butterfly, feeling that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.

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Inscape Column – Snow Falling – PHOTOGRAPH Magazine

The third issue of PHOTOGRAPH Magazine is now out with my latest installment of my Inscape Column – Snow Falling.

You notice it ever so slightly one morning as you take the kids to school, the dog for a walk, or during your morning run. A change. It comes in the form of cooler air, dew drops on the grass in the shadows, or even lower, longer light as that sun crests the horizon a bit later than it did yesterday.

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I Have Been Here Before

I’ve been here before. Definitely. Not literally, but maybe in another life? If that is possible to believe? I remember these places. It’s a simple case of deja vu, and if you have ever watched the movie The Matrix you know that deja vu symbolizes a glitch in the matrix itself. So is there some type of glitch going on inside my brain, or am I truly a recast spirit entering the body again and searching out what my past life threw forth for me?

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I Do What I Do

I gave a single day workshop a couple of weeks ago to a great group of participants in downtown Seattle. That workshop was as much of an eye-opener for them as it was for me. It was the group’s questions that not only inspired me, but had me answering some questions in my own mind about how and why I do what I do.

“We are all here to do what we are all here to do…” – The Oracle, The Matrix Reloaded.

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Speed Freaking Photographing

I met and began photographing Owen not too long after I moved to Washington. He was the ski school instructor at Mount Baker Ski Area that my daughter Jade gravitated to on her first day of non-dad lessons. He was responsible for getting my well-opinionated daughter to listen and actually make turns while hauling ass over snow. I remember the first day we shot skiing photos together and I remember the first day he schooled me on the art of downhill mountain biking like it was this morning. I have seen him injure himself every season that I have known him. And if there is anyone out there that is a testament to the human’s ability to heal it is definitely Owen.

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Where in the World…Traveling

Well it is safe to say I have been residing on a skewed line to reality lately. On a travel binge. Shooting some of the best things in the world. Working hard. Traveling non-stop. Getting ready to throw hand grenade after hand grenade of announcements to the world. I haven’t been on this blog because I have been on another one. One you have never heard of, but still know very well.

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A Midday Sun Battle

There are many that believe you can only create a superb image at the edges of the day. The reality is, that even during the long days of summer, during midday sun, you can come up with creative ways of expressing your vision. Weather and schedules don’t always collide to provide you with the best situations. Sometimes you have to make it collide. You have to make your vision come through.

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