Photos In Print | December 2016 Powder Magazine

The December 2016 Powder Magazine features a series of photos that I shot last season in the Western U.S. The first set of photos was taken of Martha Hunt, mother of free-skier Pip Hunt, in Whitefish, Montana. I created the photos after shooting the Glacier National Park segment for Powder’s Monumental Feature. The photos I took of Martha were included in a feature article in the December issue of Powder about ski moms who are raising children in ski towns. Martha not only made Lynsey Dyer, Griffin Post and me dinner, she made room for three exhausted souls to spend the evening at her house too.

In the second photo, I was driving around Jackson, Wyoming looking for subjects to photograph. I discovered this series of mailboxes along the roadside as the light came up on the Teton range. What actually grabbed my immediate attention was an Apple, Inc. sticker on one of the mailboxes. I shot a variety of compositions of the mailboxes, but Powder decided on this particular one for a two-page spread. It was the opening spread for an article titled, “Sheltered”.