Photos In Print | Bike Magazine Photo Annual

The Photo Annual/August issue of Bike Magazine has recently hit newsstands and I am proud to have another photo in print on the pages of the publication!

Andrew Whiteford and I managed to make it into the June issue of Bike Magazine with a photo we created together outside of Dubois, Wyoming. For the Photo Annual issue of Bike Magazine we were working a little closer to home. In fact, right across the highway from Grand Teton National Park on Shadow Mountain.

Every time that I head out to photograph with Andrew, I am looking for places that provide a unique experience for my potential viewer. In addition, I have an obsession with trees, so discovering this scene with two trees that had character, almost setup the photo automatically for me. The icing on the cake was being able to see just a tiny bit of Grand Teton and the surrounding peaks of the Teton Range in the background.

Because it was a cloudless evening when I took the shot, I chose to render the photo in black and white. Bike Magazine kept the photo exactly as I presented it to them.

Photo Available on Jay Goodrich Stock Photos

Tearsheet Examples.

Photos in Print - Bike Magazine - by Jay Goodrich