JHMR | Instagram Takeover II

There I was quietly walking my downhill mountain bike across the grass to the Teewinot Lift, on opening day for mountain biking at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR), when the text came through on my phone. The marketing director was asking if I wanted to takeover their Instagram account again? The answer was a bold OF COURSE! From there I asked if there were any details that I needed to adhere to? I was given the login and password to their account and told to have fun with it.

The last time I worked with JHMR on an Instagram project set the stage for this opportunity. I knew what type of photography their brand favored. I saw what was getting the most traction via likes and shares on their account. So I headed off to highlight similar photos, but then also add in some of my own ingredients. I tested a few different photos to see how the stats would react. What surprised me was how fast some of the photos were liked. Some broke a thousand likes in mere minutes. The most popular photo received almost 8000 likes!

Every photo that I posted tracked back to my Instagram account. The results were astonishing for myself and the resort. They were so happy in fact, that you will see me taking over the JHMR Instagram account again this fall.

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Project Screenshot Examples.