• Trees Great Smokies North Carolina by Jay Goodrich.

    Peak fall colors along the ridges of the Great Smokey Mountains near the town of Asheville, North Carolina.

  • Outgoing Lines of Channels Along the Cook Inlet by Jay Goodrich

    The channels of tide lines exposed at low tide along the Cook Inlet near Anchorage Alaska.

  • Brown Bear Cubs Playing by Jay Goodrich

    Second season brown bear cubs play fighting in Lake Clark National Park Alaska.

  • Koa Trees at Sunset on Hawaii by Jay Goodrich

    Koa trees are set against Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii.

  • Volcanic Rock Formations and Lichen by Jay Goodrich

    Late afternoon light on lichen and volcanic rock formations along the Columbia River in Washington.

  • The Movement of the Ocean by Jay Goodrich

    Ocean waves are blurred as they come in an out over rocks on the beach of Playa del Carmen Mexico.

  • The Abstract Shapes and Forms of Lava by Jay Goodrich

    Hardened lava forms bizarre shapes along the roadside in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

  • Mono Lake Rabbit Brush by Jay Goodrich

    rabbit brush and silver sage bloom in late season color along the shores of Mono Lake

  • Ice Patterns in the Desert by Jay Goodrich

    Ice patterns along one of the tributaries of the Virgin River in Zion National Park Utah.

  • Insect Trails on Madrone Bark by Jay Goodrich

    Peeling madrone tree bark with insect trails consuming lichen growth in La Conner Washington.

  • Burnt Pine Forest Lines by Jay Goodrich

    The burnt pine trees in Yosemite National Park create a dramatic study of line.

  • Exposed Mussel Beds Pacific Ocean by Jay Goodrich

    Layers of mussels are exposed to the setting sun on Second Beach in Olympic National Park in Washington.

  • Burnt Koa Trees at Sunset on Hawaii by Jay Goodrich

    Burned koa trees are silhouetted against sunset on the Mauna Kea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.

  • Male Mule Deer Silhouetted at Sunset by Jay Goodrich

    Mule deer crest a ridge in the mountains of Colorado at sunset.

  • Bacteria in the Warm Water Springs of Mammoth by Jay Goodrich

    The green bacteria that form stepping patterns as the minerals cascade out of a spring near Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park.

  • Karst Limestone Formations China by Jay Goodrich

    Karst limestone formations at sunset with hanging mist and fog near the Li River in China.

  • Sunset over Lava Formations by Jay Goodrich

    The rope like shapes of hardened lava at sunset in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

  • East African Crane by Jay Goodrich

    An east African Crane poses for a portrait at the Denver Zoo.

  • Outgoing Lines of Channels Along the Cook Inlet by Jay Goodrich

    The channels of tide lines exposed at low tide along the Cook Inlet near Anchorage Alaska.

  • The Peaks of Zion at Sunset by Jay Goodrich

    The peaks of Zion National Park are framed by a Pinyon Pine in Utah.

  • Incoming Dinner Service Osprey Nest by Jay Goodrich

    An adult osprey brings a rainbow trout into the nest from Sweet Water Creek in Sweet Water Colorado.

  • Table Mountain Slopes During Storm by Jay Goodrich

    The wind layden slopes below table mountain during a winter storm in the backcountry near Mount Baker.

  • Bacteria Formations Abstract by Jay Goodrich

    Bacteria formations in the spring waters near Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park.

  • Abstract Lines and Textures of Horned Lizards by Jay Goodrich

    The lines and shapes of a pair of horned lizards on the Hoffman Ranch in Alice Texas.

  • Horned Puffin Den Site Alaska by Jay Goodrich

    A horned puffin peers out of its den site to verify the coast is clear before leaving on a feeding mission in the Cook Inlet of Alaska.

  • Glacier Blue Waters of the Nooksack River by Jay Goodrich

    The cool blue waters of the North Fork of the Nooksack River along the Horseshoe Bend Trail in Glacier Washington.

  • Caracara Scratching an Itch by Jay Goodrich

    A caracara scratches its head in a human like gesture on the Hoffman Ranch in Alice Texas.

  • Sunrise at the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone by Jay Goodrich

    The lower falls of the Yellowstone River flows towards the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone in Yellowstone National Park Wyoming.

  • Basalt Boulders at Sunset in Lamar Valley by Jay Goodrich

    Basalt boulders are set against the setting sun in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park Wyoming.

  • Clearing Storm Great Sand Dunes by Jay Goodrich

    A storm clears across the Sangre de Cristo valley at sunset in Great Sand Dunes National Park.

  • Black Phase Red Fox in Washington by Jay Goodrich

    A portrait of black phase red fox kit at its den site in Mount Rainier National Park Washington.

  • Snow Geese in Flight with Fall Colors by Jay Goodrich

    Evening snow geese explode to flight as night appraoches in Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico.

  • Bull Moose Literally Looking for Love by Jay Goodrich

    An erect collared bull moose stands as a testament for too much human intervention into the wilds of the United States created in Grand Teton National Park Wyoming.

  • Sun Breaks Thunderstorm Colorado Mountains by Jay Goodrich

    The sun breaks through a thunderstorm on the mountain sides above Eagle Colorado during spring greenery.

  • Sunset Beach Tidal Oregon Ecola by Jay Goodrich

    The sunset behind tidal boulders on Indian Beach near Cannon Beach in Ecola State Park Oregon.

  • Fir Tree Cascade Mountains Washington by Jay Goodrich

    A twisted and wind scoured fir tree stands at the base of Mount Herman in the Mount Baker backcountry in Washington.

  • What are You Looking at? by Jay Goodrich

    A Blacktailed Jack Rabbit stares gazingly at photographer Jay Goodrich.

  • Hoodoo Formations Bisti New Mexico by Jay Goodrich

    Hoodoo formations at sunset during the summer heat in the Bisti Wilderness in New Mexico.

  • Sunset Deception Pass Washington by Jay Goodrich

    The sun sets through the clouds at Deception Pass State Park in Washington.

  • Sunset Cactus and Mesquete Tree by Jay Goodrich

    Boiling clouds highlight the south Texas landscape at sunset on the Hoffman Ranch in Alice Texas.

  • Boulders Glacial Past Sunset Clouds Colorado by Jay Goodrich

    Disapating thunderstorm clouds over the Sawatch Range in Colorado highlight lichen covered boulders.

  • Escalante Lines by Jay Goodrich

    The lines in sandstone in Escalante lead off into a stormy surise in the desert of Utah.

  • Flowers and Stars after Sunset in Colorado by Jay Goodrich

    Arrowleaf Balsamroo is lit up after dark as the stars begin to appear in Eagle Colorado.


Nature photography is the ever present force driving us to create all of images. Landscape, wildlife, close-up, night-time, sunrise, sunset, environment, and weather are all subjects that Jay seeks out on a daily basis.

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