• Sage and Rabbitbrush on the Mono Lake by Jay Goodrich

    Sage and rabbitbrush line the shores of Mono Lake in California at sunset.

  • Fog Over Rice Terraces in China by Jay Goodrich

    The early morning fog dances over the rice terraces and hillside towns near Yuang Yang China.

  • The Lines of an Aspen Grove by Jay Goodrich

    The straight lines of aspen trunks along a backcountry road in the Sawatch Range of mountains near Eagle Colorado.

  • Sunset Clouds Prairie Lamar Valley by Jay Goodrich

    Late evening clouds linger over the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park near Gardiner Montana.

  • Sandstone Formations at Sunset by Jay Goodrich

    Sunset over the rock formations in Colorado National Monument.

  • Clouds over Cannon Beach by Jay Goodrich

    Haystack rock and Cannon Beach in warm moring light in Oregon.

  • The Square Shapes of Flat Sandstone by Jay Goodrich

    Sandstone is weathered in odd flat and square shapes in Capitol Reef National Park in Utah.

  • Big Leaf Maple Branches Touching Water by Jay Goodrich

    The Square Shapes of Flat Sandstone © Jay Goodrich

  • Lines of Dunes in the Sand by Jay Goodrich

    The lines of sand dunes are shaped by the winds of the Rocky Mountains in Great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado.

  • Rain Clouds over Lake Crescent by Jay Goodrich

    The swirling spring rain clouds over Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park Washington.

  • Toadstool Formations Desert Utah by Jay Goodrich

    The Toadstools area of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monumant in Utah.

  • Fenceline Thunderstorm Colorado Sage Desert by Jay Goodrich

    A thunderstorm approaches along a roadside fence line in the sagebrush near Great Sand Dunes National Park and the Sagre De Cristo Mountain Range of Colorado.

  • Dense Summer Clouds Over the Cascades by Jay Goodrich

    The dense weather clouds the typically blanket the Cascades break to highlight the forest below.

  • Sandstone Formations in the Utah Desert by Jay Goodrich

    The long roots of shrubs and trees extend out far from their source in Arches National Park in Utah.

  • Rock and the Tree by Jay Goodrich

    A granite formation is offset with a tower fir in Huang Shan China.

  • The Karst Limestone Peaks by Jay Goodrich

    The karst limestone peaks of the Yang Shao region of China.

  • Dark Clouds of Approaching Thunderstorm by Jay Goodrich

    The late afternoon sunlight in the mountains of Colorado is enriched by an ensueing thunderstorm.

  • Fall Contrasting Aspen Leaves and Trunks by Jay Goodrich

    Aspen trees are photographed to look like the color version and contrast of an asnel adams image, Vail, Colorado.

  • Ice over Jackson Lake with Teton Range by Jay Goodrich

    The sunrises over the Tetons and an ice covered Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

  • Big Early Season Snow on Mount Jefferson by Jay Goodrich

    Clearing storm on Mount Jefferson in Oregons south eastern prairie.

  • A Boat on the Li River by Jay Goodrich

    A boat and the karst limestone features of Yang Shao China.

  • Martha's Beach Seastack by Jay Goodrich

    sea stack island across from Martha's Beach in overcast light.

  • Mount Moran in Spring by Jay Goodrich

    Mount Moran at Sunrise with clearing storm and clouds in Grand Teton National Park Wyoming.

  • Lines in Sandstone in Utah by Jay Goodrich

    The weathered striations in sandstone in the southwestern desert of Utah near Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Utah.

  • Mount Shuksan in Winter by Jay Goodrich

    Late afternoon light baths Mount Shuksan in contrasting conditions during winter.

  • skiing near Mount Shuksan by Jay Goodrich

    Mark Kogelmann skins up for another run in the backcountry near Mount Baker.

  • Big Early Season Snow on Mount Jefferson by Jay Goodrich

    Clearing storm on Mount Jefferson in Oregons south eastern prairie.

  • The Olympic Range During Clearing Spring Storm by Jay Goodrich

    A late season spring snow storm clears from the Olympic Mountain Range in Olympic National Park Washington.

  • Jackson Wyoming Clouds and Cottonwoods by Jay Goodrich

    Cloud formation over the Jackson WY valley with lone cottonwoods.

  • Water Ripples Across Jenny Lake by Jay Goodrich

    Tree trunks reflected in the morning waters of Jenny Lake create abstract patterns in Grand Teton National Park Wyoming.

  • Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Sunrise by Jay Goodrich

    The first morning light of sunrise is shrouded in fog looking out over the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone in Yellowstone National Park Wyoming.

  • Dried Grasses at Sunset Mountains Colorado by Jay Goodrich

    Clumped dried grasses glow in post sunset light on Horse Mountain in Colorado.

  • Late Afternoon Light Trails over the Tetons by Jay Goodrich

    The sun breaks through an opening in late afternoon light over the Teton Range in Grand Teton National Park Wyoming.

  • Thunderstorm Wind by Jay Goodrich

    Severe thunderstorm blowing the leaves of a cottonwood tree.

  • cracked mud from thunderstorm by Jay Goodrich

    Dried and cracked mud after flash flood from a thunderstorm.

  • The Carved Walkways of Huang Shan by Jay Goodrich

    The carved walkways of Huang Shan China highlight a massive workforce undertaking.

  • Clearing Storm Winter Cascades by Jay Goodrich

    A winter storm clears over the northern Cascades near Mount Baker Ski Area.

  • Yellow Mountain Abstract by Jay Goodrich

    The fir trees and granite spires of Huang Shan China.


Being inspired by black and white photographer Ansel Adams, Jay attempts to highlight some of his subjects in monochromatic presentations.

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