• Stickers along Guardrail by Jay Goodrich

    Thousands of stickers adorn a guardrail near Mono Lake and the town of Lee Vining, California.

  • Backlit Hiking Portrait by Jay Goodrich

    Heather Goodrich back at the truck after hiking Sauk Mountain near Concrete Washington.

  • Photographing Through the Cypress by Jay Goodrich

    Lisa Lashaway photographs along the coast near Monterey California.

  • Coloring Over a Photograph by Jay Goodrich

    Jade Goodrich colors over a client's print while her dad was out walking the dog.

  • Boy Bicycling Past Apple Crates by Jay Goodrich

    A young boy biccyles past a group of stacked fruit crates in downtown Yakima Washington.

  • Basketball at Sunset on Venice Beach by Jay Goodrich

    A group of guys plays basketball on Muscle Beach in Los Angeles California at sunset.

  • Four Pit Bulls in a Toyota Pickup truck by Jay Goodrich

    Four Pit Bulls going for a ride in a Toyota Pickup truck in the rain of Hilo Hawaii.

  • The End of the Historical Performance Impression of sister Liu (Liusanjie) by Jay Goodrich

    A large screen highlighting the director of the Impression of sister Liu (Liusanjie) performance in Yangshao China.

  • Bike to Surf by Jay Goodrich

    A lone bicycle is used to carry a surfer and a surf board to the edge of the Pacific Coast in Venic Beach California

  • The ghost bike for James M Quinn by Jay Goodrich

    A descanso in Tijeras New Mexico celebrating the life of James M Quinn who was tradgically killed while riding his bike along Route 66.

  • Watching a Feeding Session by Jay Goodrich

    Photographers look on as a brown bear feeds on sedge grasses in Lake Clark National Park Alaska at sunset.

  • Bringing the Husky in for a Landing by Jay Goodrich

    Jim Risher brings an Aviat Husky in for a landing in the dark at Garfield County Regional Airport in Rifle Colorado.

  • An Outside Haircut in the Market by Jay Goodrich

    A man receives a haircut at the market in the Pengzhihua Village, China.

  • Looking Towards the Ocean by Jay Goodrich

    An unidentified rider looks towards the Pacific Ocean at sunset in Venice Beach California.

  • Stoking the Fire at Sunset by Jay Goodrich

    A camping group gathers wood and stokes their camp fire at sunset on Second Beach in Olympic National Park Washington.

  • Locals Entering the Market by Jay Goodrich

    Locals enter the morning market in Yuang Yang China.

  • Cowgirl Watching Cattle and Her Nails by Jay Goodrich

    Jenna Hoffman takes a look at her nails while over seeing the cattle heard that her husband Bret is rounding up on the Hoffman Ranch near Alice Texas.

  • Adding Power to the Controls of the Airplane by Jay Goodrich

    A pilot adds fuel to the engine of a DeHaviland Beaver in preparation for take-off from the Lake Hood airstrip in Anchorage Alaska.

  • A Naked Bicycler Rides by Waving © Jay Goodrich

    Naked women bicyclers ride by waving during the Solstice Parade in Fremont Washington.

  • Looking Out at the View by Jay Goodrich

    Jade Goodrich takes a look at Heather Meadows at sunset near Mount Baker Ski Area Washington.

  • Fly Fishing Cave Falls by Jay Goodrich

    Scott Soden fly fishes the Falls River in Yellowstone National Park in late afternoon.

  • Pride Parade Vancouver by Jay Goodrich

    People in a Vancouver apartment building look over the Pride Parade.

  • Returning Home from a Latenight © Jay Goodrich

    Heather Goodrich returns home from a late night sledding mission on the hill below her house in La Conner, Washington.

  • Spelling Out USA with Arms by Jay Goodrich

    Fans of the US show their support by making the letters USA with their hands

  • Photographing a Bald Eagle by Jay Goodrich

    Silhouetted photographers aim their lenses at a bald eagle in a tree on a mountain side in Lake Clark National Park.

  • Big Blue Eyes Looking at Dad by Jay Goodrich

    Micah Goodrich stares at his father while eating chocolate cake in La Conner Washington.

  • Cleaning Up the BBQ by Jay Goodrich

    A chef scrapes off the grill prior to adding more meat to the BBQ at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco California.

  • Girl, Dog, And Goldfish by Jay Goodrich

    Jade Goodrich teases the family dog Anya with some goldfish in Eagle, CO

  • Peacock Parade during the Solstice Parade by Jay Goodrich

    A woman dressed in brightly colored feathers walks the parade route of the Solstice Parade in Seattle Washington.

  • Painting During Peak Fall Colors by Jay Goodrich

    Hadley Rampton applies oil to canvas at Ox Bow Bend in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

  • The Mercedes-Benz Arena Shanghai by Jay Goodrich

    A single visitor looks towards the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai China.

  • Autumn Fly Fishing in Colorado by Jay Goodrich

    Brennen Fitzgerald fishes in the Eagle River near Wolcott Colorado at sunset.

  • Changing Channels on a Blank Screen by Jay Goodrich

    Jay Goodrich takes a self portrait while scrolling through the channels after a long day with the house a mess.

  • Pedestrians Crowd the Streets by Jay Goodrich

    Pedestrians move along the street scape of Shanghai China.

  • USA 3 Heading Down the Course at Whistler by Jay Goodrich

    Steven Holcomb, Justin Olsen, Steve Mesler and Curtis Tomasevicz take a curve during the four-man bobsled competition at the Whistler Sliding Center during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.

  • Had a Coke Today? by Jay Goodrich

    A Coca-Cola poster on the wall of a building in Yang Shao China.

  • A Burned Bridge in the Utah Desert by Jay Goodrich

    The remains of a burned bridge near Moab Utah during a cloudy autumn day.

  • Radio Active Man by Jay Goodrich

    Drawings on a bright red wall in the Mongolian Village of Xin Meng China.

  • Eurocopter A-star by Jay Goodrich

    A eurocopter A-stars sits on the pad waiting to take skiers into the southern Chugach


Follow the unfolding drama that Jay discovers around the world where people and the elements that we humans create, touch, interact with, become part of, and love here on planet earth.

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