Photographers at Sunset by Jay Goodrich

Our instructional mission here at the offices of Jay Goodrich is extremely simple.

What makes our workshops different from our competitors?

We have been in the business of photography for more than 40 years collectively, we have lead photo tours world-wide and have taught workshops for close to a decade. This gives us the experience, knowledge base, and diversity in instruction that few others have yet to achieve.

We travel with an extremely small group size-no more than twelve participants for every two instructors in all of our workshops. This allows us to give each and every participant personalized instruction. And regardless of the location of our trips, you will not have a tour-based experience; our focus is always on instruction. Our priority is you and your unique photographic needs. Every client on every trip receives multiple image critiques to help them further their photography, and our whole-group discussion sessions allow participants and instructors alike to learn from and capitalize upon each other’s strengths. In addition, we focus not only on the creative and technical aspects of photography, but also on the utilization of the latest hardware and software technology.

Our use of experienced, local guides on all of our international trips, as well as our own experience traveling to these destinations, mean that we know where to take you to get the best images. We also make a point to help you look for images that you may not have even thought possible.

Equally important, we are environmentally and socially aware.  We are committed to having as low of an impact on the environment as possible with our small group size, and we believe in supporting the local culture and economy in every way that we can. We work to respect and appreciate the cultures and values of the areas we visit, and this appreciation serves to enrich the travel experience of the whole group.

Because of our holistic approach to photography workshops, our clients walk away with a better understanding of photography and mastery of images, and they have a greater appreciation for the locations and peoples they have visited. And best of all, they have the stunning photos to prove it. If there is any doubt visit our testimonials page to see what they are saying.

See you on the next trip!