Exposure Blending Video for Photoshop CS6

It’s not that often that I use exposure blending anymore because many of my clients want a single capture image. In addition though, Adobe’s Lightroom 4 software has such a robust RAW processing engine now, that I can usually get detail out of both my shadows and highlights if I expose in the proper area of my histogram. Like all of photography though, there are many solutions for many situations, and the technique that I highlight here is one of the best that I have found to deal a high dynamic range when my subject rises above my horizon in my composition. I hope that you find it useful in your workflow when processing images as well.

If you have any suggestions for additional tutorials that you would like to see, don’t hesitate to send me an email.

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4 thoughts on “Exposure Blending Video for Photoshop CS6

  1. Awesome tutorial, Jay. Definitely a great (and often more realistic) alternative to HDR processing. I love that Lightroom is able to open the two images directly as layers in PS. Too bad that Aperture can’t do it.

  2. Are your clients OK with this kind of modification? I.e. Sierra Club, etc? I understand trying to replicate the experience of being there and how blending makes that happen but I thought your clients wouldn’t be happy with that.

    Or are these personal images or for other clients?

    Great work! Thanks for sharing! More BTS stuff is great!

  3. I haven’t actually used the technique for clients images in years. You are right Sierra, Nat Geo, etc. do not accept work like that. Nothing on my current site was processed in that way. People always ask me how to do it so now there is a place I can send them to learn it. :)

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