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Where in the World…Traveling

Well it is safe to say I have been residing on a skewed line to reality lately. On a travel binge. Shooting some of the best things in the world. Working hard. Traveling non-stop. Getting ready to throw hand grenade after hand grenade of announcements to the world. I haven’t been on this blog because I have been on another one. One you have never heard of, but still know very well.

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A Midday Sun Battle

There are many that believe you can only create a superb image at the edges of the day. The reality is, that even during the long days of summer, during midday sun, you can come up with creative ways of expressing your vision. Weather and schedules don’t always collide to provide you with the best situations. Sometimes you have to make it collide. You have to make your vision come through.

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The Vagabonds

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”
Hunter S. Thompson

The sound and smell of an airport – have you ever noticed it?

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Clod Hopping for Twenty Two Years

As our planet gets more technologically advanced, we seem to throw away more and more on a yearly basis. Computers, phones, tablets, cars, bikes, cameras and crazy words like clod hopping. All disposable. Better, stronger, faster, lighter, year-in and year-out. My parents held onto everything until it was completely and utterly falling apart. My dad had these freakin’ plaid pants that were right out of the 50s’ but it was 1990. My friends and I nicknamed him “Plaid”. He even took to it and lived it, until one day when were all old enough and strong enough to sit and drink with him. It took four of us to hold him down and cut those pantaloons off of him, but we did it. One of my friends even made a head band out of those polyester fugly pants and wore it at the Friday night parties for months as we dropped keg stand after keg stand and funnel after funnel.

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Some of the best mistakes in life come completely by accident. Kids, jobs, clients, and even education. If we are to truly learn from our mistakes we shouldn’t repeat them right? It’s the repetition portion that seems to be the hardest part of the equation to strive away from. Once we make that discovery though, our life, mission, and careers take on a building block mentality that allows us to reach the pinnacle of our existence.

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It’s the Scraps that Define Us

I sat in La Bicyclette, a restaurant in Carmel, California eating a salad and some hand-made, simplex, fufu pizza that some of my friends disliked whole-heartedly. I on the other hand thought the favor profiles, albeit super simple, worked for me. It was not the food that first wafted me in like the Sirens though. It was the general presentation of church and state. Actually, the lack there of. La Bicyclette is the type of place that cashed in on my marketing psyche.

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With the announcement of our new website last week, I discussed changing directions. About taking your current status quo and trying to explore new avenues with your photography. Wonderful, right? There is a catch here though, and that is becoming open to the change. You can decide to go for it, decide you can make images in another discipline, but the bottom line is, regardless of your decision, you are going to need to become much more aware of your current surroundings in order to achieve it. And in reality, it’s not even about awareness, but a conscious effort or training even.

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Field Testing the Canon 1DX

I know everyone out there is waiting in anticipation to see the noise levels on the image files for the Canon 1DX, but I need to set some ground rules so you understand where this test comes from. I am not a testing lab like DxO Mark. Nor am I going to shoot images of trinkets and do-dads on a gridded platform in a controlled environment. All of those tests as far as I am concerned, are useless.

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Goodbye Drobo and Hello to Thunderbolt

Last year I wrote about storage issues that my office was facing. At the time, making decisions on how to approach the problem wasn’t a simple task. Recently, a new issue arose. A much graver one. The complete demise of our main workhorse computer – a five year old Mac Pro. At the time it was purchased it was a beast, the best we could get. It screamed…Like a Lambo on the TV show Top Gear. In the last few weeks though, it just decided its time was up. The slow down. High Speed Racer to needing a walker to bed ridden in mere days. What was happening and could we survive this next issue? More importantly could our bank account?

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